More photos from Parkes' dust and thunder storm

The Parkes Champion Post's Facebook page was flooded with photos and videos from Sunday evening's unreal dust and thunder storm.

Readers spectacularly captured the moments of the storm rolling in across the Parkes Shire, as it hit and the moments after, which plunged the shire into premature darkness from 6.30pm.

Above are just some of the photos posted to the Champion Post's page.

Many readers said they have never seen it this bad.

There was hope for rain within the storm - though in some areas it wasn't the 10-20mm as forecast, others only got dust or mud.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) recorded just four millimetres at the Parkes Airport between 8pm and 1.30am overnight.

But just over 10mm was recorded in the Middleton area, in the Parkes township.

Twenty four hours earlier the BOM recorded 14.4mm at the airport between 7.15pm and 10pm.

And just over seven millimetres fell in town, reported in the Middleton area.

With the amount of rain over the weekend, combined with Thursday night's storm and January 6's - Parkes' total BOM rainfall is now 79mm.

Parkes and Forbes are the only two locations in the region that has recorded above average rainfall so far this month.

January 2020 is so far looking to be Parkes' wettest month since November 2018, with the town only having three wetter months since September 2016.