Sebastian dances a tooth loose! Parkes unites in fundraising efforts

Sebastian Bodiam vowed to dance until there were holes in the bottom of his shoes but instead he danced so much that a tooth came loose!

And raise money he did - a whopping $1060!

Mum Amanda said he danced on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival.

"He was up early on Sunday ready to go and danced until around 3pm," she said.

"Eventually he said 'mummy my legs are going to collapse, I think I better stop'."

Sebastian Bodiam dancing at the Parkes Elvis Festival to raise money for fire affected people and animals

Amanda said Sebastian's first loose tooth happened to coincide with his fundraising efforts and gave him something to tell his supporters.

"When people would sit on the nearby seat to watch him, he would immediately go over and say 'I've danced so much my tooth is loose, it's my first loose tooth!'," she said.

"He was telling everybody about it. Any other day he is a sensitive, shy child so it was a big thing for him to get out and do that.

"The more people came and wanted to get a photo with him or shook his hand, it just made him want to go ten times harder. It really lifted his confidence, it was great."

Sebastian is very proud of his efforts and afterwards said to his mum 'my legs are so tired they are going to need a little rest, will it be a while before Elvis comes back to Parkes?'

He is already planning his outfit for next year though, putting in his order for a new Elvis suit and some Elvis rings and bling.

"He might even do some singing next year," Amanda said.

Sebastian will split the money he raised between Red Cross and WIRES.

Meanwhile the Parkes Boars Rugby Union Football Club and the Railway Hotel teamed up to combine their fundraising efforts during the festival to make donations to the tune of $5887.55.

They sold 2499 schooners and collected $227.85 in donation buckets, totaling $2726.85 which they split between WIRES and Red Cross.

Kasie said the Boars contribution was massive.

"When they heard what we were doing they contacted us and said they'd collect donations at their game on the Friday night and the parade on Saturday.

"They came to us on Saturday lunch time with a massive bucket absolutely chockas full of money," she said. The contents of the bucket - $3160.70 - has been donated to the NSW RFS.