Parkes Elvis Festival, 2020: Bushfire relief efforts underway

SEBASTIAN Bodiam is planning to dance until his blue suede thongs wear out ... and all for a good cause.

The local six-year-old is busking to raise funds for those impacted by the bushfires, swivelling his hips to his favourite Elvis tunes throughout the 2020 Elvis Festival.

Sebastian made an accidental entry into busking: mum Amanda says he started dancing during the Elvis Festival last January, and soon after came to her with a handful of money.

They got him set up some music and little Sebastian became a bit of a sensation outside The Red Chandelier.

As the family has seen and talked through the impact of the bushfires that have ravaged so much of the country this summer, he's wanted to do his bit to help.

The Elvis Festival, which Sebastian loves, has provided the perfect opportunity.

He's been watching videos of the king of rock 'n' roll online and practising his dance moves with his dad Reyce.

Hound Dog is right up there as his favourite Elvis tune, but Burning Love comes in a close second as a good tune to get moving to.

"He's been so keen to get out there, he's been asking since 7am," Amanda said on Friday morning.

"He told me, I'm gonna dance until I have got holes in the bottom of my shoes.

"We've lived here all our lives and always been to the festival but it was really last year that Sebastian started to really get into it."

And now we have a little star, with a big heart, in the making!

Sebastian is dancing out front of The Red Chandelier in Clarinda Street Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Funds will be donated to the Red Cross and other charities helping both people and animals impacted by the fires.

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