Costumed canines on parade in first Elvis Hound Dog contest

Costumed canines starred at the first Elvis Hound Dog competition on Friday.

The best-dressed owner and dog combination was deservedly taken out by Deborah Pagsanjan and Bo the Wonder Dog who travel all the way from South Australia for the festival each year.

In the theme were Frankie and Johnny, aka Ellie and Jet owned by Dubbo's Dianne Acheson who studied the film posters and made their incredible costumes by hand.

Competition for the best jumpsuit was tight but went to Otis, a member of none other than the Steel family who founded the Parkes Elvis Festival.

Decked out in rhinstones, Otis was dressed by Anne and paraded by Andrew.

Gail Bartley, of Bartley's Barkers, thanked the owners for their amazing costume efforts.