Here to have fun: Festival goers seek break away from fire ravaged areas

After spending News Year's Eve on the beach to escape a raging bush fire at Lake Conjola, Liz and Mick Hurt have come to the Parkes Elvis Festival to have fun - and they've brought some family and friends with them.

The Dapto Couple were holidaying at Lake Conjola when the fire hit.

"We ended up parked on the beach with 100 other people," Mick said.

"It was like nothing you've ever seen. We definitely don't want to experience that again.

"Something like 86 houses were lost, they are just gone. Fortunately our on-site van was OK but our boat trailer got a little singed."

Liz said it's their fourth time to the festival.

"We love it and we're here to have a fun week," she said.

"My sister and sister-in-law and their husbands, and our friends have all come to have fun together."

The couple both agree the highlight of the festival for them is the street parade on Saturday morning.

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Joining Liz and Mick's family are close friends Stuart Bain and Denise Stockdale from Rutherglen in Victoria.

The couples regularly holiday together but this is Stuart and Denise's first festival.

"We've had terrible fires in our area too at Corryong and Tallangatta," Stuart said.

"When we left home the smoke was really thick, the visibility was only about 75 metres in front of us for the first 100 kilometres."

Denise, who turned 13 on August 16, 1977 - the day Elvis died - is a big fan of the King.

"I love his songs, I love his movies," she said.

"We heard all about the Parkes Elvis Festival and thought we'd give it a go."

Denise has her dress and wig, and Stuart his "lairy' shirt, ready to go.

"We are here to enjoy the atmosphere, soak it all up and get some good photos to show people at home and tell them all about it," Stuart said.