Highway Patrol brings Christmas joy to Trundle

Christmas Delivery

Officers from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force visited Trundle Central School on Tuesday to deliver much needed toys, water, cereals, and other products to help local families out this Christmas.

"We heard an interview with the Principal, John Southon, on 2GB who outlined the challenges that the school, students and local families are facing," Chief Inspector Phil Brooks said.

"From there we decided to reach out to our friends at Clenton's Transport, MaxiTRANS NSW, Linfox, BIG W, Woolworths and Sanitarium who, through their generosity and that of their many friends and suppliers, were able to do their bit and supply, wrap, and transport many items that will make for a special Christmas for the many families in Trundle."

Sergeant Martin Ling of Central West Highway Patrol said it was a wonderful morning at Trundle Central School.

"To say there was some emotion around on the day would be an understatement," he said.

"The trucks were escorted in by Highway Patrol cars and were met by Mr Southon and his students.

"The curtains were drawn back so the kids could see the donations.

"Eight pallet loads of food, toys, toiletries and water were taken from the truck by a Trundle local with a forklift.

"Mr Southon was nearly in tears and the kids were incredibly excited."

Sergeant Ling said the students and staff, and Trundle locals were very thankful for the effort put in by all and the difference the delivery made to the Trundle community is beyond comprehension.

"Maxi-Trans Manager Glen Sharman brought his eight-year-old daughter along, who delivered 60 Christmas cards from her fellow students at St Thomas Catholic School in Bulli to the students at Trundle Central School," he said.

"Most of the visitors had no idea how bad things are out here, we met one lady who had not had water for five days. She hadn't showered in days, if not longer, not to mention not having drinking water."

Christmas Service Times

Bogan Gate: St Luke's Anglican Church, Tuesday, December 24, 7:30pm, followed by our Christmas Party.

Fifield: St Dymphna's Catholic Church, Saturday, December 21, 6:30pm,followed by a Christmas Dinner at the Fifield Hotel, at 8pm, everyone Welcome.

Trundle: St Augustine's Anglican Church, Sunday, December 22, 10:30am, followed by Christmas Lunch at the Rectory, 12pm, everyone welcome

Tullamore: St John's Anglican Church, Tuesday, Christmas Eve, December 24, 11:30am, followed by Christmas Lunch at the Tullamore Hotel, 1pm, everyone welcome.

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