Parkes weather: Temperatures to rise into late 30s and early 40s this week

Parkes is bracing for a heatwave this week with temperatures forecast to soar well into the late 30s and peak at 40 degrees.

The above-average maximums has begun today with the town expecting a top of 37 degrees Celsius, almost 10 degrees above Parkes' long-term November maximum average, and it will continue rising from there.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting the same tomorrow, a maximum of 37 degrees, and will peak at a sweltering 40 degrees on Thursday.

Temperatures will drop, slightly, back to 38 on Friday and 34 on Saturday. But there's no respite just yet in sight with 33 degrees still predicted for Sunday and 35 on Monday.

The outlook is bleak for much-needed rain across the region with just the slightest chance of showers this week.

Next to nothing is forecast between now and Thursday but there is a 60 per cent chance of rain on Friday and Sunday, and 70 per cent on Monday.

Even if they arrive, though, the bureau is not expecting them to bring much relief for the parched countryside with just 1-5mm predicted.

November 12 was the hottest day so far this month with a top of 34.2.

The long-term average November maximum for Parkes is just 28.3 degrees Celsius.