Parkes Junior Cricket | Parkes score exciting victory over Forbes at North Parkes Oval

PARKES CATS: Back - Kaleb Schembri, Nate Strong, Ali Moin-Ud-Din, Jamison Lee; front - Jaxon Clarke, Jett Clarke, Jayden Cunn and Patrick Skinner during a game at Keast Park. Photo: Jenny Kingham
PARKES CATS: Back - Kaleb Schembri, Nate Strong, Ali Moin-Ud-Din, Jamison Lee; front - Jaxon Clarke, Jett Clarke, Jayden Cunn and Patrick Skinner during a game at Keast Park. Photo: Jenny Kingham

Results of games played Saturday, November 9

Under 17s

Parkes Cats 7/106 (Harry Bayliss 46 n.o, Cooper Towns 11 retired, Tyler Yeo 3/9, Jasper Moore 2/8, best fielders - Ben Cooper and Hunter Hawke) defeated Forbes Engineering 9/101 (Rhys Glasson 17, Amy Maslin 13, Doug Irvine 2/10, Talis Hurford 1/7, best fielders - Joe Morrison and Rhys Glasson).

Forbes Achesons 4/129 (Brady Nicholls 25 n.o and 1/6, Jacob Bell 23 n.o, Lachlan Dunstan 1/2, best fielders - Lachlan Dunstan and Joseph Pereira) defeated Condobolin 4/98 (Frankland Ross 21 n.o, Noah Nash 18 n.o, Tyson Smith 2/3, Gregory Doyle 1/7, best fielders - Ryan Goodsell and Frankland Ross).

Parkes Colts had the bye.

Under 14s

Forbes Livestock 99 (Joe Ellison 36, Griffin Jones 18, Riley Goodsell 2/3, Brodie Page 2/4, best fielders - Griffin Jones and Hughie Mackay) defeated Parkes Colts 57 (Ellen Dolbel 17, Aidan Rayner 7, Kade Ticehurst 1/7, Sam Rayner 1/9, best fielders - Richard Gaut and Caleb Crisp).

Forbes KMWL 109 (George Field 24, James Burton 18 and 2/7, Phoenix Hurford 11, Charlie Francis 2/9, Sam Schrader 1/6) defeated Forbes Bernardis 66 (Tom Greenhill 13, Bradman Hardy 12 and 1/6, Tom Maslin 9, Oliver Walker 1/11, Pat Ryan 1/13).

Parkes Cats had the bye.

Under 12s

Parkes Colts 3/119 (Harry Yelland 41 retired, Boyd Hutchins 17 n.o and 1/24, Eamon Moody 11 n.o and 2/25, best fielders - Eamon Moody and Henry Kross) defeated Forbes Ag-N-Vet 5/86 (Rhys Matheson 26 retired and 1/13, Marcus Colvin 12, M. Coote 1/10).

Forbes Hazell & Field 93 (Mac Glasson 15 retired and 3/14, Cameron Gordon 14 retired, Brock Maynard 1/12, best fielders - Angus Field and Max Hazell) defeated Parkes Cats 59 (Matty Price 13, Riley Duncan 12, Bailey Price 1/17, Josh Ball 0/5, Riley Duncan 0/5, best fielders - Josh Riley and Bill Mahon).

Forbes Adept Plumbing 2/153 (Thomson Hurford 23, Dempsey O'Connell 19, Tom Whitty 1/5, Isaac Page 0/8, best fielders - Ash Kennedy and Thomson Hurford) defeated Forbes Sportspower 4/108 (Jackson Browne 20 and 0/7, Toby Browne 19, Mitchell Smith 2/6, best fielders - Toby Browne and Thomas Livermore).

Under 10s

Parkes Cats 72 (Ari Albert 13, Timmy Longhurst 13, Dominic Frogley 2 wickets, Hayden Pritchard and Archie Higgins 1 wicket each, best fielder - Lucas Hunter) defeated Parkes Crushers 58 (Billy Symington 6, Ben Westcott 4, Ethan Luke 3 wickets, Corban Cunningham 1 wicket, best fielder - Ben Westcott).

Parkes Raptors 84 (Jett Clarke 12, Patrick Skinner 10, Jamison Lee 9 and 1 wicket, best fielder - Kaleb Schembri) defeated Parkes Colts 55 (Jack Dunford 8 and 1 wicket, Toby Ross 7, best fielder -Billy Dawson).

Draw for Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16

Friday - Game to begin at 6pm, players need to be there by 5.45pm.

Under 14s - Parkes Cats V Forbes KMWL at Woodward Oval, Parkes.

Saturday - All games to begin at 8.30am, players need to be there by 8.15am.

Under 17s - Parkes Cats versus Forbes Achesons at South Circle Oval, Forbes.

Condobolin versus Parkes Colts at Association Ground, Condobolin.

Forbes Engineering have the bye.

Under 14s - Forbes Bernardis versus Forbes Livestock at Grinstead Oval, Forbes.

Parkes Colts have the bye.

Under 12s - Forbes Sportspower versus Forbes Ag-N-Vet at Hugh Wilson Oval, Forbes.

Forbes Adept Plumbing versus Parkes Cats at Gaggin Oval, Forbes.

Parkes Colts versus Forbes Hazell and Field at Spicer Oval, Parkes.

Under 10s - Parkes Cats versus Parkes Colts at Keast 2.

Parkes Crushers versus Parkes Raptors at Keast 1.

Pointscore after games played November 9

3 points = win, 2 points = tie/draw/washout, 1 point = loss, 0 points = forfeit/bye.

Under 17s - Forbes Engineering 7, Parkes Cats 6, Forbes Achesons 5, Parkes Colts 3, Condobolin 3.

Under 14s - Parkes Colts 7, Forbes KMWL 7, Forbes Bernardis IGA 4, Forbes Livestock 4, Parkes Cats 2.

Under 12s - Forbes Adept Plumbing 9, Forbes Hazell & Field 9, Parkes Colts 7, Forbes Sportspower 5, Forbes Ag-N-Vet 3, Parkes Cats 2.

Unders 10s - No pointscore is kept.

Representative Cricket

Lachlan Cricket Council under 14 Competition

Parkes score exciting victory over Forbes on Sunday, November 10 at North Parkes Oval.

Parkes 9/113 in 40 overs (Harry Jones 43, Zac Larkins 18, James Burton 4/23 off 8 overs, Griffin Jones 2/6 off 5 overs, Joe Ellison 1/13 off 8 overs) defeated Forbes 10/109 in 36.3 overs (Hugh Mackay 41, Joe Ellison 13, Tayte McNamara 10, Zac Larkins 5/19 off 7 overs, Liam Moody 3/2 off 2.3 overs, Ryan Dunford 1/12 off 7 overs). Parkes won by 4 runs.

After Saturday afternoons epic Grinstead Cup match at Woodward Oval in Senior Cricket when Parkes scraped home to win by one wicket, this match proved to be yet another Parkes versus Forbes game that saw two very evenly matched teams play a most exciting game.

Batting first Parkes found runs hard to score against keen Forbes bowling and fielding. Harry Jones stood tall for Parkes as he top scored with a gritty 43 runs. In doing so Harry emulated his father Shane's effort in the Grinstead Cup game when he scored 33 n.o. A new player to Parkes junior representative cricket, Zac Larkins, proved he is a very welcome addition to the Parkes u14 team. Zac Batted well to score 18 runs (with 3 fours). He helped Harry Jones add a valuable 44 runs for the 5th wicket.

Forbes bowlers James Burton (4/23) and Griffin Jones (2/6) caused plenty of problems for the Parkes team who totalled 9/113 after their allocated 40 overs.

In reply Forbes were in big trouble when their score stood at 7/36 in the 17th over as Zac Larkins turned on a devastating bowling spell to capture 5/19 off 7 overs. Ryan Dunford snared the key wicket of Joe Ellison for 13 runs.

The Forbes team staged a late order batting revival as Hugh Mackay (41) and Tayte McNamara (10) staged a good stand. Liam Moody claimed the top bowling figures of 3/2 to bowl Hugh Mackay for 41 and give Parkes a close 4 run victory.

The Parkes u14 team will now travel to Cowra next Sunday, November 17 to play Cowra u14s. The Parkes team will be keen to maintain a winning record.

Lachlan Cricket Council under 12 Competition

Parkes score an awesome win over Wellington on Sunday, November 10 at Keast 2.

Parkes 6/201 in 32 overs (Ewan Moody 86, Sam Rayner 43, Nathaniel Robinson 2/31 off 7 overs, Bede Clout 1/14 off 7 overs) defeated Wellington 9/157 in 32 overs (Bede Clout 40, Will Dimmock 14, Hamish O'Brien 18, Kade Ticehurst 3/14 off 5 overs, Eamon Moody 2/21 off 4 overs, Aidan Rayner 1/0 off 1 over, Ewan Moody 0/18 off 4 overs). Parkes won by 44 runs.

Batting first Parkes were confronted by keen Wellington bowling especially from Nathaniel Robinson, Charlie Kiss and Bede Clout.

Parkes captain Ewan Moody demonstrated that he is a very capable player as he concentrated hard and reeled off a succession of splendidly timed strokes, particularly through the off side, to score a brilliant 86 runs. Ewan's innings featured 13 fours and 1 six.

Ewan received top support from Sam Rayner 43 (with 6 fours). Sam in his second season as an U/12 representative player demonstrated improved skills. His scoring rate accelerated as his innings progressed. Ewan Moody and Sam Rayner added 122 runs for the second wicket.

Wellington staged a good comeback to restrict the middle Parkes batting to an eventual total of 6/201 in 32 overs.

In reply Wellingtons early order batting was caused plenty of problems from Parkes opening bowler Kade Ticehurst who clean bowled two early order batsmen and finished with the fine figures of 3/14 off 5 overs.

Wellingtons Bede Clout (40) and Hamish O'Brien (18) offered plenty of resistance to the Parkes team as Wellington batted through to be 9/157 off their allocated 32 overs. All Parkes players had a turn at the bowling crease

Coach Peter Yelland while praising his team for a good victory suggested that players need to aim for accuracy in bowling to avoid no balls and wides.