Parkes Prostate Cancer Awareness and Support Group to host Charity Golf Day

The Parkes Prostate Cancer Awareness and Support Group are hosting a Prostate Cancer Awareness Three Person Ambrose, Charity Golf Day on Sunday, November 10, commencing at 10am at Parkes Golf Course

You do not have to be a low handicapper to play, but we do need your support to spread the word.

Despite all the scientific advancements in relation to Prostate Cancer, this disease continues to have an impact on the lives of many men throughout Australia.

There have been improvements in both diagnosing and treatment of this dreaded men-related disease, however over 25000 men in Australia are affected by prostate irregularities each year and 3000 die from a cancerous prostate.

It is absolutely essential that all men are aware of the possibilities of cancer in the prostate gland.

Any young man, aged forty, with a family history of cancer, should take the necessary steps to ascertain the possibility of prostate cancer and all men, aged fifty and over, should do likewise.

One of the scientific advancements recently, in relation to the discovery of a cancerous gland, is what action should be taken to prolong life.

What is it about men and their reluctance to visit their doctor to discuss the possibilities?

We have the attitude that we will not be the one to have an enlarged or cancerous prostate and if we have, it will go away on its own accord.

The other gender of the human race may have different forms of cancer but their procedures are just as intrusive, if not more so, so men, let's not "hide our heads in the sand!

So, men-folk, be aware that there is always the possibility that you may have a prostate problem and urgent and early action may give you peace of mind and, better still, may prolong your life.

The Parkes Prostate Cancer Awareness and Support Group, while not a medical team, works closely with the local doctors and offers support to those who are travelling the journey and is, forever, trying to impress the necessity to be aware on the possibility and the need for action.

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