$550,000 for Forbes heated pool improvements

Forbes heated pool will get $550,000 worth of improvements under funding

A delighted heated pool committee and Mayor Phyllis Miller welcomed deputy NSW Nationals leader Paul Toole to Forbes to show him the facility on Wednesday.

"As part of planned upgrade works, the external frame of the building will be upgraded, the concourse and walkway revamped and extended," Mr Toole said.

"The pool will be relined and the complex made more energy efficient with solar power, more insulation, energy-efficient pumps and heating equipment."

The upgrade will also include installing a hydraulic lift to improve access for elderly swimmers or people with a disability, and a ramp where the steps are now.

Forbes Heated Pool is accessed by 700 people a month, from Forbes, Parkes, Bland and Weddin shires.

"The local indoor pool is an important resource for the community, providing a place to swim out of the hot summer sun, a comfortable environment for children learning to swim or train, and a gentle exercise option for older members of the community as well as physiotherapy," Mr Toole said.

President Di Decker said the first step would be to build the new "shell" around the existing pool structure.

This will enable the pool to remain open as long as possible, although it will close while the relining and other internal works are done.

The pool was built in 1968 from funds raised by the community, predominantly through car raffles.

Members receive a key that gives them access every day of the year.

"Every child in Forbes has learned to swim here," Mayor Miller told the Minister.

It is also widely used for physical therapy and rehabilitation by people from all over the region - and that's one of the reasons president Mrs Decker has been campaigning so hard for funding to improve it.

The ramp and lift, as well as the removal of one wall to extend the pavement on the narrow side, will all improve accessibility and she's thrilled.

"The whole thing is about improving access for everybody," Mrs Decker said.

Mr Toole said the new solar equipment and increased insulation would reduce the costs of running the pool, ensuring its long-term financial viability.