Letters: Tullamore concert, Cooke Park upgrades and good old country hospitality

Disappointed fan 

This letter was penned to the organisers of the Jimmy Barnes 'Shutting Down Our Town Tour' concert in Tullamore.

Dear organisers

I am letting you know how disappointed we all are. As Josh Maynard won a competition to perform at Tullamore with Jimmy Barnes and was cancelled.

He drove all that way to be told he wasn't going on. He is an incredible young talent from Cowra and he was so looking forward to performing [on Saturday].

This is so wrong, how can this happen?

This young artist needs to be compensated for his time and effort, and he is so upset about what just happened.

Lots of people from his area were looking forward to seeing him perform.

Not only have you disappointed Josh, but the Cowra community.

A very heart broken Josh Maynard supporter

Marie Grasso, Sydney

Cooke Park upgrade

Dear Editor

It's nice to see council upgrading facilities at Cooke Park but it's had more face lifts than Joan Rivers.

I'm not a great fan of that Elvis statue. It looks like he is having an attack of sciatica and it's dark and grim, but taste is subjective I guess.

Yet what about the other parks?

Mazoudier Park, which is directly opposite, just sits there ignored, with cracked footpaths, crumbling kerb and guttering, no disability access, and a lone aluminium seat that gets as hot as hell in summer.

[It's not a safe area] because it has no CCTV or any form of lighting.

The whole area is shrouded in darkness.

It's not rocket science.

It's a natural over flow from the Elvis Festival at Cooke Parke, which will only get bigger.

Conrad Mill, Parkes

Special Activation Precinct (SAP)

Dear Editor

A new chapter for Parkes. Very exciting!

Marie Wyatt, Parkes

Exceptional customer service

Dear Editor

I recently found a gift that I wanted to take to a friend I was visiting overseas. The only place in NSW that had stock was Parkes NewXPress.

I phoned the store and the folks I spoke to could not have been more helpful. Our big retailers and the likes of Amazon may think they have all the answers, but nothing can replace some old school, good service. The parcel arrived in less than 24 hours and Greg from NewsXPress personally followed up to check I had received in time. I have never been to Parkes, but if this is any indication of the standard of service, I'll see you soon!

Cameron Arnold, Rodd Point

Drought solutions

In response to our article with Parkes Chamber of Commerce president Geoff Rice and the drought, published in our October 11 edition.

Hey Geoff, I think the people and large businesses may get on board with a commitment ceremony designed to show loyalty and be rewarded with public acknowledgement for such commitment.

Perhaps an oath of allegiance for one month to spend money only in the town and then be given a certificate of acknowledgement for their achievement.

Darrin Gibson, Parkes

Help stop drownings

Dear Editor

We write on behalf of Royal Life Saving Society - Australia and Surf Life Saving Australia to urge readers to take the greatest of care in, on and around water.

Latest data reveals 276 people drowned across Australia over the past year, which is a 10 per cent jump on the previous year. A significant number of these deaths happened in summer.

It is of great concern that 101 people drowned in inland waterways and there were 122 coastal drowning deaths, including 71 on beaches.

It is also of enormous concern that in the past 12 months, 584 people have been hospitalised as a result of non-fatal drowning incidents. Some of these people will sadly end up with irreversible brain damage.

We do not want to see tragedy taking place. It is vital readers supervise children at all times around water.

We urge everybody to learn swimming and essential lifesaving skills, including first aid and CPR.

We urge people to swim at a patrolled beach between the red and yellow flags, and adopt a STOP, LOOK, PLAN approach to water safety.

We know that risk-taking behaviour - often involving alcohol and drugs - is having a clear impact on drowning rates. Poor swimming skills are also a factor.

It is vital to wear a lifejacket when boating, rock fishing and using watercraft.

Too many people are drowning in Australian waters.

Taking simple steps will make all the difference. One practical step all readers can take is to visit our websites to obtain more hands-on tips and information. Simply visit www.royallifesaving.com.au and www.sls.com.au.

Justin Scarr, Royal Life Saving Society - Australia CEO and Adam Weir, Surf Life Saving Australia CEO

What do you think?