Peak Hill to receive new fire engine with cabin protection for crews

Peak Hill Fire Station is set to receive a new Fire Engine to service the community.

The Isuzu four-wheel drive, turbo charged fire engine will replace the current fire engine which is a 2-wheel drive.

Zone Commander Superintendent Gary Barber said improvements in the new addition include improved cabin protection for firefighters through water spray protection systems along with heat shields.

"The vehicle has the added feature of being able to continue driving while the firefighting hoses are used," he said.

"This allows the crew to remain in the vehicle, and work the perimeter of grass fires, from the safety of the cab which is protected by water spraying cabin protections system and heat shields for the windows."

With availability of water for firefighting being a primary issue for Fire and Rescue NSW across Regional NSW the new fire engine will carry fifty percent more water with an inbuilt water supply of over 3000 litres, compared to the 2000 litres on the current fire engine.

This will improve the drought resilience for the community.

"The new fire engine can pump 2,200 litres of water a minute firefighting and is equipped with firefighting foam and breathing apparatus," Supt Barber said.

As the firefighters at Peak Hill assist the local SES unit in attending vehicle accidents in the area the new fire engine is currently being fitted out to suit these local arrangements.

"While this new fire engine only requires two firefighters to be on board, it can take up to six," Supt Barber said.

"If you live in Peak Hill and want to be one of the first to use it, please apply now as the crew are currently looking for more firefighters.

"Firefighters for FRNSW are paid for their time and receive plenty of training. Call the Zone office on 68829688 and speak to Karen."

Supt Barber said the Peak Hill community can expect to see the new vehicle in October.

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