Goonumbla: 120 solar farm positions to be filled during next four weeks

Construction has commenced on the Goonumbla Solar Farm
Construction has commenced on the Goonumbla Solar Farm

Dmac Personnel Pty Ltd and their clients are ramping up their push for local workers for the Goonumbla Solar Farm, now that construction has commenced.

They are committed to giving as much work as possible to local workers.

Dmac Personnel has been working with local JSA's to look for locals to fill an approximate 120 jobs on the Solar Farm over the next month.

The jobs range for positions to be filled in several area's including assembly teams, civil construction teams, panel crews, logistics and electrical trade assistants.

It will be an opportunity for local workers to gain much needed skills in the fast growing Solar Farm Industry.

Dmac Personnel and it's clients have also recognized that the local farming community is doing it tough and is keen to offer farm workers up to six months work on the project in a bid to help them out till the rains return.

Dmac Personnel also have several other projects coming up in the local area, and believe it is a great opportunity for workers who wish to pursue opportunities in those projects.

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