Budgies play Magpies

CLASH: Will Searl (Magpies) and Nick Kelly (Budgies) will go head to head in tomorrow's Men's A Grade Hockey Grand Final.
CLASH: Will Searl (Magpies) and Nick Kelly (Budgies) will go head to head in tomorrow's Men's A Grade Hockey Grand Final.

A GRADE MEN Star Budgies will take on Magpies Black in what will be a very exciting match.

Star Budgies have been the in-form side in this year's competition with Nick Milne, Taylor Dolbel and Jacob Townsend in excellent form. Magpies are no slouches when they have all their players and have plenty of speed all over the park.

Big performances will be expected from Will Searl, Koby Johnstone, Regan Hotham and Josh Kearney if Magpies are to claim victory.


Matt 'Cotten eye' Job Straight off the farm straight into defence. Just like his cows he controls the game with everyone else doing the work. Hopefully he will produce the goods this weekend.

Andrew '7 years ago' Bourke If we wrote this seven years ago he would be the young gun to be dangerous in attack. This year we will just be told how good he used to be!

Dane 'Pensioner' Thorne Definitely increasing the average age of the squad. We have signed him out of Southern Cross to hopefully bring some wisdom into our young squad and talk about the old days.

Mitchell 'Cruise Ship' Townsend With the year he has had, he says he's sick of carrying the team and needs a holiday. Was considering the Nickname 'give me the ball' as he says if you give him the ball he scores, this was proven 30% correct.

Damien 'Can't Shoot' Morgan Damo is a utility in any position on the field, he's most dangerous as no defence or attack line know what he will do - mainly because he doesn't know either.

Jacob 'The Snake' Townsend With being the highest goal scorer in the A grade competition this year he will most likely show why he scored ten goals in one game with no goal keeper.

Taylor 'Plays Enough' Dolbel Winning the best and fairest for the competition this year you can tell this man loves his hockey as he plays in over 4 different competitions in all different towns.

Nicholas 'Big But' Kelly Due to weight gain this year his left knee has decided to quit and rupture the ACL due to not being able to cope with the extra weight. He has now been named as the head esky sitter going into this grand final.

Benjamin 'Appointment' Townsend Due to an injury early on in the season and a few appointments, we have lucky enough to book an appointment for him to make his return for this weekend. It has sparked interest in all spectators and we are sure he won't disappoint.

Will 'All-rounder' Blunt Being a young gun Goalkeeper in our A-grade competition, this year he has stepped out and had a go on the field in B-grade he's been a great asset in all grades.

Evan 'Slice of Devon' Doering Only new to hockey and being a larger sized gentleman you understand why has started to grow through his hair. His hair style is becoming very popular throughout society and we are excited to see him leave it all on the turf.

Jack 'Red Mist' Buerckner A man that is his own worst critic, if he misses a tackle or miss-traps a ball he will definitely get upset about it. He always puts in 110% and has all his heart involved in the game.

Tobey 'Sanchez' Thorne Being the youngest in the squad he can still grow better facial hair than Andrew Bourke. He got named Sanchez as he has a dirty mow and works the hardest on the field.

Tim 'Calm and Collected' Welsh Tim has played all season with the Star Budgies, he plays very passionately and works his hardest not to let our team down. He was a great addition to our A-Grade team.

Cooper 'Who Knows' Wakeman Will he show or will he be a no show - that is the question on everyone's lips. A player that can turn people inside out with his skills, he's also a man that will sleep through 100 phone calls and knocks on his front door.

Jack 'Counter Weight' Elliott Welcoming Jack back into the PHI comp this year he's taken a new tactic with a counter weight in the middle of his body to steady his balance, yet increase his speed with his drag flicks.

Nicholas 'Import' Milne Another man that loves his hockey, coached Panthers into a strong 3rd place finish in the Men's Premier League. As he's grown up with most of us Budgies we loved having him come across and strap up with us.

Jayden 'Can Dance 'Pursterla Due to a dancing incident this year whilst at an umpiring day in Bathurst, Jayden was unable to step on the field this year. He has done a great job as manager and we hope to see him perform safely all his great dance moves this weekend.


Jay Wright Funny character, loves scoring the hard goals but usually misses the easy ones, always pumped up to get out there.

Aaron Wright Extremely strong in defense, loves to throw a miracle pass from circle to circle hoping to find his brother.

Connor Dwarte Works hard up front, loves to pull the trigger but usually sprays it wide and high.

Andrew Finn Lightning fast, does not stop talking all game, usually always playing with an injury.

Riley Swan Cool, calm and collected, very reliable player. Loves supporting the sponsors and playing on the grandstand side of the field.

Koby Johnstone Safe as houses in the back, loves a good chat on the field (usually to the umpires). Can throw an overhead from Parkes to Forbes.

Josh Kearney Can turn on a dime, fittest bloke out there, still learning how to put the ball into the back of the net.

Tim Wright Good team player with great control and communication, steers the boys around well. Thinks going on a holiday during the semi-finals is okay.

Regan Hotham Goes through a roll of tape on his knee each game, lethal on his back-stick, still working out how to use the other side, usually only plays the last half of the season.

Kyle Thompson Best looking red head in Parkes, reads the game brilliantly and can link up with anyone, very vocal during the game.

Will Cassell The quiet achiever, gives 110% every game, very dangerous once attacking in the circle.

Scott Forbes One very important job to do, loves saving the hard goals but not the easy ones, great chat in defence.

Aaron Drabsch Committed and strong, loves a good hard training run and a beer after the game. Always pumped up for the game.

Will Searl Loves running 10km a game and beating players 3 times, very dangerous player in the centre of the field and in the circle.

Cody Kirk Quick and dangerous up front, always looking for the ball.