Parkes Musical & Dramatic Society History (1996, 1997)

The Parkes Musical and Dramatic Society staged a production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in 1997.
The Parkes Musical and Dramatic Society staged a production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in 1997.

After a very successful time in the Chair and directing several shows over the previous few years, Toni Lam decided to relinquish the position and have a break.

Greig Ball took on the new role with Bruce Whitmill as Secretary for the coming year.

Greig was very involved in the plans for the Little Theatre renovations, submitting them to Council for their consideration, a process that would take much discussion with the Society Executive over the next few years.

Meanwhile the first production for the year was under way "The Last of the Red Hot Lovers " by Neil Simon to be staged in May.

Directed by Greig with a cast of four, Jenny Hawke, Cath Kellet-Orr, Suzie McNamara and John Short, it was again decided to incorporate a meal with the show.

A repeat of last years format by Chef Andrew Hunt was very well received with guest's having a three course meal included in their ticket price of $30.

The three act play was an outstanding success with excellent portrayal of the various roles, especially that of John Short as "Barney".

Parkes Society elected to host the 46th annual Stage West One Act Play Festival, in July with five groups performing eight plays.

Patrick Garvey directed Parkes entry "Ritual for Dolls" with a cast of four, Amy O'Donoughue, Rebecca Lynch, Janine Crowley and Patrick who received Best director.

The play also received, Overall Production, Rebecca Lynch female lead and Amy O'Donoughue best supporting female.

Parkes was congratulated for the friendly, successful staging of the weekend with Mudgee offering to hold it the next year.

During the year The Little Theatre was used by Kathy Acret Dance School and Parkes Arts Council for a touring production of Romeo & Juliet.

The Society enjoyed a Xmas BBQ at Greig's home to finish the year.

Secretary, Bruce Whitmill declined nomination at the '97 AGM so the Secretary's position was filled by Isabelle Powter, the other executive positions remained the same.

The Shire Council approached the M & D to contribute a segment for the 125th Anniversary celebrations taking place in the later half of 1998.

Liz Matthews put her hand up to co-ordinate on behalf of the Society.

They also resubmitted the renovation plans to the Society allowing a larger area for exhibitions and cultural activities but with no Fly Tower.

These plans were approved by members and forwarded to Council for the final vetting.

The first show for the year was the musical play"Little Mary Sunshine" a terrible musical, as it was meant to be, with a send up of the old classics such as "Rose Marie", "White Horse Inn" and "Desert Song".

It was presented as a restaurant theatre with Andrew Hunt doing the catering.

Initially it was directed by Judy Schmalkuche but Alan Wright later joined as co-director.

It was a big cast of twenty members, Amanda Koop, Sue Cossar and John Short playing the lead roles with a mix of senior and new actors such as Noveta Hunt, Liz Matthews, Aaron Kingham, Isabelle Powter, Alan & Hilary Wright, Lyn Townsend, Bruce Buchanan, Craig Armstrong, Stacey Powter and Tania Mill to mention a few in a very successful production.

In August, Parkes entered "Mail Order Man" in the One Act Play Festival at Mudgee, directed by Alan Wright, it was unsuccessful mainly due to the cast of Jenny Short, Isabelle Powter and Lyn Townsend having a touch of Flu, they soldiered on, the adjudicator commenting on their squeaky voices.

As an end of year show, the pantomime,"Goldilocks and the Three Bears" was staged, with a slightly twisted story of a broken down circus and a mad, bad, mean man getting together to help the three bears.

It had a cast of fourteen, most of whom were in the previous production.

Co directed by Suzie McNamara and Ros Sinclair,with Peter Poole and Tiffany Talbot providing the music.

John and Jenny Short kindly offered their home for the final meeting with the Christmas party to follow wrapping up another successful year.

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