Raptors in another Lachlan Soccer grand final appearance

RARING TO GO: The Rawson Homes Raptors will be going head-to-head with the Buttabeef Raptors at Pioneer Oval on Sunday afternoon in a not-to-be-missed grand final. Photo: Submitted
RARING TO GO: The Rawson Homes Raptors will be going head-to-head with the Buttabeef Raptors at Pioneer Oval on Sunday afternoon in a not-to-be-missed grand final. Photo: Submitted

The Rawson Homes Raptors have qualified for another grand final in the Lachlan Amateur Soccer Association. This year they'll be facing the Buttabeef Raptors at Pioneer Oval on Sunday at 2pm.

Rawson Homes Raptors Player Profiles

Connor 'Digital Watch' Robertson - Goalkeeper

The man who never needs to wash his bed linen because he knows how to keep a clean sheet. Would make Gandalf proud with the amount of balls that 'shall not pass'.

Luke 'Damien Oliver' Nash - Backs

Hot stepping 'jockey' specialist, Nash Browns, covers more ground than anyone on the park. Will be an intimidating force from the backline.

Max 'Malt Maltesers' Keith - Centre Back

The enforcer from the back. Has been quoted saying he's really looking forward to the GF this weekend, followed closely by his wedding the day before.

Alex 'Social Butterfly' Evans - Backs

A few years since his last soccer season but don't let that fool you. When he's not supporting the green machine or playing video games, you'll find him loudly barking orders from the backline.

Ben 'Caffeinated Squirrel' Coultas - Wing

Moving quicker than Charlie Sheen into his next relationship, you'll find this man moving up and down the right side of the field. Sympathies to the man tasked with marking him.

Joel 'Jonnies' Cowling - Backs/Midfield

Bruising has started to subside from Mr Safe's first ever shot last weekend. Reports are "The skipper" will voluntarily step forward for the coin toss, trying to get any sort of win against the rival team.

Scott 'The Butcher' Knights - Centre Mid

When he's not missing easy goals in front, you'll see him steering the ship from the middle of the park. Paying $1.10 to hit the woodwork on Sunday and 100/1 to be exclusive.

Brent 'Accuracy First' Tucker - Centre Mid

No matter which way he is facing this Sunday, be ready for him to have one eye on the goal. Expect Keegan's brother to be a pivotal factor if Rawson Homes have any chance of winning.


Daniel 'I'll turn up early this week' Clark - Left Wing

Competes with our goalkeeper most weeks to see who covers more metres. This self titled 'fit-for-finals' player has a great record of sneaking a goal in grand finals.

Javier 'punching' LP - Striker

With the Spanish prodigy coming a long way this season, in understanding what we are saying, him and his perfectly placed hair will be found sniffing around the opposition goal box on Sunday.

Hayden 'Spurs Fanatic' Westcott - Attacking Mid/Striker

Our most committed player this year, driving the 120km stretch from Dubbo for training and games. Nobody can say Hayden hasn't got his money's worth this season as he continues to call for every single ball in attack.

Matthew 'The smarterer dad' Clark - Wing

When he is not complaining about his back or giving inspirational speeches, this man will be putting his heart and soul into the match until the final whistle blows.

Grant 'Benjamin Button' Thompson - Utility

He has wound back the clock this season, opting to play up a grade. His big game experience will be sure to help the younger players in the team.

Jacob 'Who ate all the pies?' Hutchings - Striker

With his bulking season going unexpectedly well, look out for 'Barrel' as he attempts to find the speed of five years ago.

Adam 'The dye isn't fooling anyone' Parker - Backs/Midfield

Commitment and having the last say in arguments aren't the only issues 'Jagger' faces. On the field he also struggles with handling anyone beating him to a ball, someone speaking louder than he does, and just genuinely having to wear a shirt. Look forward to the entire experience that is 'Parker' this Sunday.

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