Parkes Junior Rugby Union | Boars draw three of the hardest teams which bring the best out of them.

Under 9s

After four months the Walla Rugby season has come to an end with the under 9 Boars playing their final three games at Wellington. Like last week, the Boars had a tough draw having drawn three of the hardest teams in the competition however this seems to bring the best out of them. The under 9s weren't phased though and took to the field determined to give it their best and have fun before the off season.

It was a hot day in Wellington when the first game kicked off against Bathurst Bulldogs Blue. Bathurst had the bigger players busting through the middle but Parkes had faster players running around the outside. The game went try for try way up into double figures.

The Boars played some of their best football in this game with all players getting involved with the team excelling at spreading out, pushing in the rucks and tackling with shoulders making it a very competitive game. The Boars kept going all game running away with it in the end. Tries were scored by Eamon Moody, Kalvin Dargin (4), Jaylen Richardson, Isobelle Hunter (2), Milli Cox and Max MikGreggggar (4) however all players were involved in setting a lot of the tries up.

The weather just got hotter for the second game which was against the other harder Bathurst Bulldogs Gold side and I think we set a new record for most amount of water drank or tipped on heads. The under 9's had been warming up jumping on the inflatable field sidelines while watching the under 7s play.

This game was similar to the first with it going try for try however Bathurst Gold got an extra try early and a couple extra towards the end. Heath Rathbone showing his raw strength busted straight through the opposition to score a magnificent try. Ryker Moore went for a few good runs, made a good tackle and cleaned out well in this game.

Max and Kalvin showed their dominance they have had for the whole season going for runs for the length of the field continually beating multiple opponents. Eamon, Heath and Aaryab never said die and fought their way down the field all game. Jaylen Richardson pulled off some good tackles showing his natural talent as a footballer. Harry, Ryker and Daisy were excellent foot soldiers doing exactly what the coaches asked of them all round the field. Milli Cox just further proved she has no concept of what fear is throwing her body into the opposition in both attack and defence.

The final game for the season was against old foes (and friends) Forbes who really were the stand-out side in the competition this year. Forbes initially dominated at the breakdown stealing the ball with Parkes still tackling well and running the ball well. The tides started to turn with Kalvin Dargin, Max MacGregor and Isobelle Hunter all running good tries in. Jaylen Richardson and Heath Rathbone made some very good metres for the team driving towards the line however it was Forbes in front at the break.

In the second half the Boars improved greatly getting much tougher at the breakdown cleaning out and even stealing the ball back from the relentless Forbes side. Parkes also started to pass the ball around a lot more remembering the draw and pass drills that they had done at training, this made a big difference with the speedy Isobelle Hunter taking her game tally to three scoring down the wing. Harry Rowbotham worked very hard as always which made a big difference to the game, he weathered a huge tackle and showing his character Harry recovered and ran straight back on the field to keep up the good work.

Daisy Rice also pushed through a few big hits to really impress. In this game the three girls Milli Cox, Isobelle Hunter and Daisy Rice lead the way and all stood out stunning the opposition and spectators on the sideline with their no fear approach to tackling, running the ball and just being good all round rugby players. Parkes didn't catch Forbes but they played well making the coach and parents very proud particularly with their positive attitude, how well they played and just how much they improved over the season.

The 'Player of the week' trophy went to the whole team in an 11 way tie as they all played so well. Well done under 9's and thanks for such a great year!

Under 11s

Wellington After an "entertaining"bus ride with renditions of the team song and "old town road" even hard hats to counter some iffy driving by Ricey, we arrived to a glorious morning in Wellington. Game one versus Forbes, Forbes started well, stealing possession then scoring. Forbes were strong early with scrambling defence from Parkes and Fergus tackling nicely.

Henry started getting involved for Parkes but generally Forbes were superior at the breakdown.Parkes intent lifted the second half with Lachlan scoring to tie the game one all. Forbes scored shortly after to take back lead 2-1.

Matty skinner and Don were trying hard for Parkes but it wasn't enough with Forbes scoring again3-1. Henry capitalised for some better team play to score 3-2. Forbes with a well deserved win Matty Dom and Henry having a good first game.

Game two versus Milthorpe. Parkes started well, Zac scoring first then Sonny to make it 2-0. Mozzies controlled the ball well to score there first try, 2-1 at half time. Milthorpe scores first second half to make it 2-2. Parkes were trying hard but a last second try to Milthorpe have them the win 3-2 in a well contested game.

Game three, Orange Emus BlackIn warm conditions Parkes started well with a try to Lachlan. Parkes were being put under pressure by the Emus with Matty Lachlan Sonny in particular standing up, with Hugh unlucky not to get a steal against the play- Emus eventually scoring to make it 1-1.

The second half did not start well for Parkes with Emu scoring from the kick off and good ball control leading to the second of the half to make it 3-1. Mary skinner got his rewards for a good day scoring a try to make it 3-2.

Parkes tried hard but the Emus proved too good.That finished the season for the u11s a good year with the team playing well together. A big thank you to the coaches Summers and Ricey for all your time and support.