Lachlan Legacy thanks Rene Britt for years of support

Parkes local Rene Britt was recognised by Lachlan Legacy at their recent meeting for her work supporting the organisation.

As a Torch Bearer, Mrs Britt has raised a substantial amount of money through coordinating and running bus trips to many events.

Mrs Britt has been a member of the Parkes Torch Bearers ever since she moved to Parkes in 1986.

Over the last 33 years, Mrs Britt has organised many bus trips and tours for people from Parkes, Forbes and the surrounding areas.

These bus trips and tours ranged from day trips around the region to week-long trips to the Australian Open in Melbourne.

In a speech at the Lachlan Legacy August meeting, Neil Biddle said he first met Mrs Britt quite some time ago and that her bus trips were very well organised and have raised substantial amounts for Lachlan Legacy.

"I would therefore like to congratulate Rene and sincerely thank her for her generous support," he said.

Mrs Britt began working on tours operated by Western Road Liners as a hostess in 1986.

During this time, she remembers working on a range of tours run by the company including working on a lot of school tours.

When Mrs Britt began running tours to raise money for Lachlan Legacy she worked with Western Road Liners and one of their drivers, Paul.

Mrs Britt added that they have been great supporters of her over the years and have helped her a lot.

"I want to thank everyone who has helped me put these trips together," Mrs Britt said.

Tours organised by Mrs Britt have taken people around the region on sightseeing trips, visits to Canberra and Sydney for musicals and yearly trips to Melbourne for the Australian Open.

A lot of the people who join Mrs Britt on her tours come from far and wide including Parkes, Peak Hill, Forbes, Tamworth, Cessnock and from the south and central coasts.

"On the tours I have a lot of faithful good travellers. They seem to come every trip," Mrs Britt said.

While she will be organising shorter trips around the region, Mrs Britt said she will no longer be running the annual trips to the Australian Open and other longer trips due to health reasons of many of the regular passengers.

Mrs Britt said the trip down and back to Melbourne was half the draw of heading to the Australian Open for some of the people, with one passenger telling her he would go if she had organised competitions and puzzles.

Her tours to the Australian Open were week-long events, which included driving all day on a Monday, several days of tennis and driving back from Melbourne on Saturday.

Mrs Britt said she had to be very coordinated in running tours to keep them running on time, joking that she used to scare people with the idea of hitch-hiking if they took too long on coffee and lunch breaks.

One of the most amusing anecdotes Mrs Britt said she could recall from the tours was when her driver decided to stop near a sign in Victoria that said "Rene's Stud", to get her photo with it.

Mrs Britt said she started to run these tours because she wanted to help and assist with money for the Legacies.

"The company and the friendship I have made is unbelievable. I treasure everyone I have made friends with," she said.