Parkes' Elly Miles accused of meeting Bachelor Matt Agnew before filming

Have Elly and Matt done this before? Photo: FILE.
Have Elly and Matt done this before? Photo: FILE.

Parkes Bachelor contestant, Elly Miles, has been a firm fan favourite since the first episode last month, but rumours have been swirling this week she may have had an advantage before stepping onto the Channel 10 dating show.

The pair have been accused of being in a relationship before the filming began.

Miss Miles, the 24 year-old registered nurse from Parkes, has formed a "connection" with 32 year-old astrophysicist and bachelor Matt Agnew.

An unidentified on-set source told New Idea magazine the pair had dated before the show and that it "caused a lot of tension in the house."


The same source said although Miss Miles was confronted she denied the rumours.

Network 10 have been quick to quash the rumours.

"The story is completely false. Matt and Elly did not know each other prior to filming The Bachelor," a spokesperson said for the network in a statement.

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