Wes Westcott shows his 1960s ute and sedan at 50th anniversary open days at the Dish

The number 50 was the common denominator over the weekend as Parkes, Australia and the rest of the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of man's first steps on the moon on July 20-21.

The Parkes Radio Telescope was the centre of attention in the Central West on Saturday and Sunday as thousands flocked to the observatory during its open days.

And slightly in the distance at the site, with the monumental Dish as a spectacular background, was a 'Cars of the Era' historic vehicle display as one of the many attractions at the event.

The Parkes Antique Motor Club (PAMC) was among the organisations invited to take part in the open days and club members Wes and Valmai Westcott from Alectown featured two of their vehicles.

A 1960 FB Holden utility and a 1962 XL Falcon sedan, both of which Wes said were driven by the family 50 years ago - the ute on the farm and the Falcon was the family car.

Wes bought the ute brand new before he married Valmai and it was the family car until they started having children.

"We picked up our second baby, son Peter, from the Parkes Hospital in this ute in 1966. There were four of us in it on the drive home - Ian our first son was four years old," Wes said.

They bought the family sedan second hand not long after that in '66.

And lucky they did, as two more ended up joining the family in the years to come.

Wes and Valmai also drove the ute to Mackay during their honeymoon.

The ute was used on the family's wheat and sheep farm until the mid 1980s and then was "pensioned off", as Wes describes it.

The years leading up to his and Valmai's 50th wedding anniversary in 2012, Wes vowed to restore the ute.

"I said 'if we make it to 50 years of marriage, I'll redo the ute',," he said.

"I had to start it a few years before to have it ready in time for the anniversary."

It took Wes about three years to restore the ute and he joined PAMC about the same year of his anniversary.

He restored the Falcon too, about 2015, and both couldn't have shone brighter in the glistening sun and ideal weather conditions on the anniversary weekend.