PHOTOS: Australia's Biggest Bogan Festival

If you didn't see the endless flock of flannelette shirts, stubby shorts, tracky dacks and mullets, then you most likely would have heard the husband and wife calls, cheers and live music emanating from the Railway Hotel if you were in Bogan Gate on Saturday.

And then there was Ryan Leigh "Bogan" Edwards from Canberra who's been officially crowned as Australia's Biggest Bogan, according to organisers.

Bogan Gate in the Parkes Shire was Bogan HQ for the first Australia's Biggest Bogan Festival.

The festival began on Friday night across three shires - Parkes, Forbes and Lachlan - with festivities continuing into Saturday.

The Cambridge Hotel in Parkes, the Railway Hotel at Bogan Gate, Post Office Hotel in Forbes, Forbes Services Club and the Condobolin Hotel all hosted competitions and live entertainment for the many bogan-wannabes.

From darts, euchre and pool competitions to air guitar championships, husband and wife calling, and Bogan Fashions in the Field, it was all happening in the district on the weekend.

Winners from the Friday heats earned a spot in the finals that took place at the Railway Hotel on Saturday afternoon.