Vote for "Upgrading a Country Community Hall to an Event Facility" online through Service NSW in My Community Project

SUPPORT NEEDED: The Adavale Hall committee is planning on making improvements including an outdoor area with kitchen facilities and seating if it is successful in securing funding. Photo: Supplied.
SUPPORT NEEDED: The Adavale Hall committee is planning on making improvements including an outdoor area with kitchen facilities and seating if it is successful in securing funding. Photo: Supplied.

The Adavale Hall Committee is asking for community support in helping it secure funding under the state government's My Community Project initiative.

Secretary Daneille Diener remembers an old community hall where locals would flock on a Saturday night.

"Fancy dress dances, New Year's Eve, family and bush dances cabaret, Christmas tree parties, picnics, concerts and the annual Race Club Ball were very happy times full of laughter and conversation when a hundred or more families, friends and neighbours would get together and have so much fun," she said.

"Sadly times have changed, and there are not many of these halls left, with today's busy lifestyles, enormous hall insurance and maintenance costs, and larger farms needed to sustain a lifestyle all means less families are in rural communities. Although it would be nice to get some of this back."

Adavale Lane Community Centre is 40kms from Parkes, past Northparkes Mines on Adavale Lane which is off the Bogan Road.

The Centre is a hall which is used for meetings such as Landcare, Northparkes Neighbours and the Rural Fire Service.

The Coragery Brigade are in the process of erecting a shed on the hall grounds to house their fire truck in a more central location.

Adavale Hall is also used for social gatherings such as an annual Christmas Party, barbecues and camp oven nights.

The hall committee consists of President Anthony Tolhurst, Vice President Graham Charlton, Secretary Daneille Diener, Treasurer Erica Mrak and Publicity Officer Kellie Cantrell.

"Over the years memberships have been increasing, especially now in tough lengthy drought times," Danielle said.

"Our committee is dedicated to improving the existing hall as a Community Hub for rural support and friendship, that will move ahead for future generations.

"The 'My Community Project' involves making developments to the hall to include an outdoor area with kitchen facilities and seating that will allow us to cater for larger groups of people and for a broader range of events."

Voting for the "My Community Project" takes place between July 15th to August 15th online through the Service NSW website.

My Community Project will fund projects in each NSW electorate to help improve the wellbeing of the people and communities that live there.

Successful projects will be determined through a public vote and the projects that receive the most support will receive funding.

Up to $260,000 is available for each electorate.

The hall committee have kindly prepared these voting instructions:

To vote for projects in your electorate, you'll need:

. to be a resident of NSW

. to log into MyServiceNSW Account or sign up for an account

. your medicare card to verify your identity and age

. your NSW residential address to verify your electorate

Parkes is in the Orange electorate

You'll need to pick between three and five projects in your electorate, arrange them in order of preference, then submit your vote. You can only vote once.

Successful projects will be announced in September 2019.

How to Vote

. Google My Service NSW.

. Login or create a MyService account by answering the questions to verify your identity. Have your medicare card with you.

. When logged in, Search for My Community Project .

. Go to Browse projects and click on a project to read about it in detail.

. Click on the star icon to shortlist - you can do this from the Browse projects page or from an individual project page.

. You can view your shortlist at any time by selecting "My Shortlist" from the top of the screen.

. You can shortlist as many projects from your electorate as you like, but you can only vote for between 3 and 5 projects.

. Arrange your top 3 to 5 projects.

. When you have at least 3 projects in your shortlist, go to "My shortlist"

. Arrange between 3 to 5 of your favourite projects in order of preference, with "Upgrading a Country Community Hall to an Event Facility" as your first preference (please)

. Your preferred projects will be given points: - 1st preference - 10 points - 2nd preference - 5 points - 3rd preference - 3 points - 4th preference - 2 points - 5th preference - 1 point

. Submit your vote

"This is a wonderful incentive for anyone in a community to develop an idea or vision and create a project around that," Daneille said.

"Good luck to all the projects and please consider voting for us, a rural community hall, who cares."