Parkes Musical & Dramatic Society History (1992)

1992 was a year of contrast with the Society, being asked by Council to provide a night's entertainment for delegates to the state gas conference in Parkes at the Leagues Club in early April.

The program was a series of skits with cast members, Alan and Hilary Wright, Susie Ables, Warwick Tom, Geoff O'Donoghue, Stan Kingham, Cathy Orr-Kellett, Cathy Rawsthorne, Andrew Hunt and John Short.

At the AGM, the Society's executive attracted new faces with Beth Taylor elected as president and Jenny Hawke secretary, Andrew Hunt held his position as treasurer.

The mid year production was a medieval banquet, "Once a Knight", while the end of year show was "Brer Rabbit and the Magic Lolly Cave".

The medieval banquet was a bawdy, hilarious medieval romp written by the Society's playwight Eamon Dee, directed by Beth Taylor with a five course meal provided by chef extroadinaire, Andrew Hunt.

The cast numbered 26 in total, the main characters being John Short as King Rupert, Noveta Hunt Queen Ermintrude, Shellie Wilson the blushing Princess Hildegarde.

Merlin, The Jester and The Herald were portrayed by Rick Twardy, Geoff O'Donoghue and Toni Lam respectively.

Medieval costumes were provided by Sue Ball and Hilary Wright.

This was the second production for Eamon Dee, the first being "Next Thursday at Eight" six years earlier.

The young in heart as well as age, were well catered for with the end of year production,"Brer Rabbit and the Magic Lollie Cave" by Bob Herbert and directed by Toni Lam.

The leading role of Brer Rabbit was played by Isabelle Benita with much support and hindrance from Greig Ball, Dianne Covenny, Brett Atkinson, Cathy Rawsthorne, Noveta Hunt and Leonie Guymer. Costumes were by Sue Ball and set construction be Ben Lam.

The three shows during the year, while still requiring much effort to produce, provided Society members with great variety and light entertainment, a change from the more serious scripts in the past.

The ultimate goal of course was to provide the patrons with good quality and entertaining theatre.