Parkes sporting news | Our Go division girls are all looking amazing in their new shirts

Looking Good: Go Division girls showing off their new team shirts. Back L-R: Ella Harbidge, Meg Skinner, Josie Jennings, Laura Burkitt, Kathy Duong, Madison Wynstra, Charlotte Moon. Middle L-R: Zarli Johnson, Matayah Guy Front: Bronte Hampton.

Looking Good: Go Division girls showing off their new team shirts. Back L-R: Ella Harbidge, Meg Skinner, Josie Jennings, Laura Burkitt, Kathy Duong, Madison Wynstra, Charlotte Moon. Middle L-R: Zarli Johnson, Matayah Guy Front: Bronte Hampton.


Round 5

We had our first cold day of netball on the weekend, well done to everyone who braved it.

To keep our morning running smoothly, could we please have all players arrive at least 15min prior to their game time to warm up and be on court and ready start at the scheduled time.

Please promptly return bibs to centre circles for the next games to start.

All players must sign or initial the score cards each week, if players have not played enough games the will be not eligible for finals. If extra players fill in from other teams please print their names on scorecards.

Each team is also responsible for picking a Most Valuable Player on the opposite team.

Please note, all unregistered players will not be allowed to take the court until registrations are finalised. Any questions please contact Maree or Nik.

Our Go division girls are all looking amazing in their new shirts, and it's great to see our teams with their unique colours. Division 1 shirts should be ready in the next few weeks.

Parkes Netball Association will be holding their Annual General Meeting at the Parkes Services club on Monday 20th May at 7pm. Please come along and have your say about netball in Parkes

Next weekend Parkes netball will be participating in Shoosh for kids.

This winter season, we're asking spectators to remember that sport should be fun and to show respect to kids and officials. #shooshforkids

Results - Round 4

Division 1

  • Tigers 38 defeated Panthers 13 (MVP: Caitlyn Mcginnes and Marley Takian)
  • Pumas 37 defeated Wildcats 7

Go Division

  • Tigers 10 defeated Wildcats 7 (MVP: Isabella Hernandez-Elias and Edie Seaman)
  • Panthers 8 defeated Pumas 4 (MVP: Laura Burkitt and Matayah Guy)

Saturday, May 18 Round 5

Division 1 - 9:30am

  • Court 1: Pumas versus Panthers (Umpires: Mel Evans and Julia Dunn)
  • Court 3: Tigers versus Wildcats (Umpires: Katie Mac and Teagan Smede)

Go Division - 10:30am

  • Court 1:Panthers versus Wildcats (Umpires: Ally Bush and Stella Neville (Katie Mac Mentor)
  • Court 3: Tigers versus Pumas (Umpires: Mel Evans and Paris Neville)

Set Division - 09:30am

Court 4 Net Division - 09:30am

Court 8 TimeKeepers: 9:30am Parent of Katie Dunford and 10:30am Parent of Savannah Latu

Lisa Nutley

Women's Bowls

Blue skies saw several members enjoying playing bowls this week. The CWD Pairs and Senior Pairs were played in Forbes this week with several of our teams playing.

The CWD Pairs were won by Annette Tisdall and Leisa Burton from Forbes in a thrilling Final against Robyn Morgan and Maree Grant. The score being 15/13.

The Senior Pairs was won by Ivy Fogg and Nada Kurta in a great final against Jan McPhee and Merilyn Rodgers. Well done to our members.

In games played this week Lea Orr, Audrey Jones def Eileen Bradley, Minnie Riordan. June Burgess, Margaret Hawken def Kay Craft, Marja Iffland.

Ann Wright, Isabel Svendsen, Brenda Davies def Carol Reed, Valmai Westcott, Liz Byrne. Winners for the day were June and Margaret.

Next week is our Biggest Morning Tea held to raise money in the fight against cancer. It is Mufti dress with a touch of yellow please.

Several fund raising activities will be held so please be generous on the day. Nominations for CWD Triples close May 21 and for CWD Fours and Senior Fours on May 28.

Rosemary Mitchell

Golfing Goodness: Jack Elliott and Kieran Deland.

Golfing Goodness: Jack Elliott and Kieran Deland.


This past Saturday was a busy day for members with three prizes to play for. The day's event was a 4BBB v par sponsored by Travel managers whilst also up for grabs was the QANATAS cup for best individual score on the day and it was also the last of the three rounds of the Frank Donnelly perpetual trophy.

The QANATS cup was won by Kieran Deland with 40 points on a countback from the improving Scott Winter. The Frank Donnelly perpetual trophy was won by Jack Elliott who overcame a two shot deficit in the last round to overtake Josh Cheney for the prize. Jack finished on a total of +six while Josh finished on +five, great to see such a close result from two of the clubs newer members.

The winners of the 4BBB event were Tim Burke and John Green on +nine on a countback from Brendon Simpson and Scott Winter who were the first of the ball winners.

Remaining ball winners were Richard Hamilton and Gordon Christie on +eight, Duncan Constable and Riall Harrison on +eight, Luke Clarke and Jack Elliott on +seven and Brett Cowling and Kieran Deland on +six on a count-back.

Nearest the pin winners on the Idlerite Tyrepower first was Rob Hey at 348cm, the Griffins Leading Edge fourth and money hole winner was Ian Phipps at 159cm, the Dirt Doctor Landscaping sixth hole was won by Ron Jackson at 400cm, the Harvey Norman 11th was won by Tim McCabe at 139cm and the Westlime 15th was won by Wayne Tucker with an excellently struck shot that finished 46cm from the hole.

Nearest the pin in two shots on the Parkes Ready Mixed Concrete ninth and the Central West Glass 18th were John Green at 750cm and Peter Magill at 72cm respectively.

This Saturday and Sunday sees the members tackle the ever difficult foursomes championships sponsored by Dixon Physiotherapy.

Sharon Dixon has put up some outstanding prizes for this event so it will be great to see the members support this event in large numbers.

For members who do not wish to contest the foursomes there will be an 18 hole individual Stableford event on Saturday, members playing in this event will be playing for ball prizes only.

John Green

Railway Bowls

Hello Bowlers, well due to cold weather on Saturday there wasn't any social bowls played. But two teams went up to the town bowling club for the zone fours. John Corcoran, Mick Furney, Tony latter and Terry Hetherington Played Gary Mcphee, Colin Mudie ,Dave Johnson and Rob Irving.

Well it was pretty equal up to about the 16 end but Garys team drew away in the final ends to win. Steven Frame ,Geoff Leonard, Peter Creith and Steven Torrens looked like loosing as well to Condobilin, only to get a seven on the third last end to go on and win, to go into the final on Sunday morning.

Sunday saw Steves team play Gary Mcphees team in a great match. Gary lead by five shots on the second last end to see Geoff Leonard put the jack in the ditch for a six shot return, thus giving railway a one shot advantage on the last end.

Then Garys team got two shots giving them the win and progressing to Dubbo for the next round. Good luck Gary Mcphee and team.

Wednesday, May 15 we had 18 bowlers and two championship games on a beautiful afternoon.Terry Clothier versus Shane Hodge in minor singles. Terry winning 31-23.

In another Minor Pairs game Graham Turner and Mark Francis came from behind on an extra end to defeat Terry Hetherington and Gene Rapp 22-20.

Chicken run had 18 bowlers for three games of triples .Winners on W16+8 were Steve Clegg, Chris Dunn and Bobby Freeman. Runners up were John Corcoran, Luke Cross and Jan a visitor from Western Australia W13+13.

The margins were four, eight and 13. Well number eight came out so Steve Clegg, Chris Dunn Bobby Freeman Mike Valentine Bruce Jones and Maria Willcockson shared the $288 . Steve Clegg won Stefans haircut.

There are dates on the board to play by ,in the next four weeks so get in and play your games, get a sub, or forfeit. Anyone playing in zone matches will get an extra week to play by.

Friday will be happy hour, Raffles, members draw and the Joker draw. So as always get on down to the Railway and have a great time.

Mick Furney

Dragon's Lair

Sunday, May 12 the Parkes Services Social Golfers took to the very chilly Fairways to play a Stableford Event for the Robert Hey Trophy with Dale Stait supplying the Raffle.

Winner on the day was Lefty Wright with 39 Points. Welcome to a ten handicap Matt with love from we all know who. Runner up was Ross Smith with37 Points and third to Lyn Davison on 36 Points.

Ladies Nearest the Pin Winners fourth Lyn Davison, 11th. Sue Smith.

Men's Nearest the Pin Winners fourth Matt Wright, sixth Ross Smith, 11th Robert Hey with a Birdie and 15th Lyn Davison.

Lucky Card Draw went to the lover of The Long White Cloud in Kap Palenapa- Pili. Cuddly Bunny Award went to the very Cuddly Suzanne Smith.

Raffle Winner was Robert Rea with Golf Balls going to Len Archer and Ross Smith. Next Week we play Stableford for Richard Hamilton's Trophy with Matt Wright supplying the Raffle. Go the Dragons.

Ross Smith


On Thursday, May 9 we played a six table Mitchell. North south winners once again were Louise Payne and Peter Quin with 69 per cent.

They were well ahead of the rest of the field. Suzie McNamara and Beth Thomas came second with 54.33 followed by Margaret Hawken and John Quin 51.33.

The east west side was more even and Val Boyd and Barbara Magill topped with 55 per cent. Second were Vicki Burke and Dawn Phipps 53 and third were Val Worthington and Joan Reilly 50.67.

On Monday, May 13 Robyn Sheridan and Wendy Andrews came first with 61 per cent. Keith Fiedler and Anne Berkeley were next with 59 per cent and equal third on 48 were Greig Ball and Jen Calvert and Steve Garriock and Bill Burke.

Tuesday, May 14, the game was won by Keith Fiedler and Jan Freeman with 58.33. Jenny Freeman and Isabel Orange were next with 57.74 followed by Greig Ball and Lee McCabe 55.95. In fourth spot were Val Worthington and Marlene Freeman 51.19.

Jenny Freeman


Draw Saturday, May 18

Under 6s: 12pm Pythons versus Wombats L1, 12pm Bears versus Tigers L2, 12pm Cheetahs versus Sharks L3, 12pm Kangaroos versus Lions L4, 12pm Leopards versus Goannas L5.

Under 8s: 12pm Magpies versus Chooks G5A, 12pm Eagles versus Kookaburras G5B, 1pm Budgies versus Falcons G5A, 1pm Emus versus Hawks G5B.

Under 10s: 12pm Wanderers versus Roar G3, 12pm City versus Jets G4, 1pm Mariners versus United G3.

Under 12s: 12PM Phoenix versus Olympic G6A (A.KRONENBERG), 1pm Victory versus Knights G6A (A.KRONENBERG), BYE Glory.

Under 17s: 12pm Wolves versus Stallions G1 (L.KRONENBERG), 12pm Rovers versus Rangers G2 (B.HUTCHINGS).

Open Ladies: 1.20pm Super Cellars versus Star Hotel Cougars G1 (D.PARKER,S.KNIGHTS, M.BRUCE), 1.20pm PLC Raptors versus Darling Irrigation G2B (B.HUTCHINGS,S.BATESON,B.COULTAS), 3pm Cambridge Coyote versus Peak Hill G1 (S.BATESON, B.COULTAS), 3pm PHFC versus Railway Hotel Boilers G2 (S.KNIGHTS, L.KRONENBERG, E.HOSWELL), 3pm PRBC Roos versus Switchserve Raptors G6B (B.HUTCHINGS, D.PARKER, A.KRONENBERG), BYE Forbes 2.

Canteen Duty: 12noon-12.30pm Ruby Smith Wolves u17s, Matthew Reynolds Stallions u17s, Jake Sinclair Rangers u17s, Tom McIntyre Rovers u17s. 12.30pm-1pm Tyler Everingham Roar u10s, Harry Yelland Wanderers u10s, Lillee Bell City u10s, Kasey Eshman Jets u10s. 1pm-1.30pm Bill Mahon Victory u12s, Zayn Cheema Knights u12s, Max Jones Mariners u10s, Toby Thornbury United u10s. 1pm-1.45pm PHFC, 1.45-2.30pm Peak Hill All Stars.

Parkess SSAA Smallbore

Last weekend we saw seven shooters attend the Deep Lead range and shoot at fox targets at both 25 and 50 meters for a maximum of 530.53 points.

Target Rifles

Brian Drabsch 280.28, 250.23, 530.51

David Tanks 274.12, 249.27, 523.44

David Wilson 280.26 for 25 meters only. Shot another target at 50 meters for practice only.

Major Mitchel shot the true lie down Smallbore for practice.

Jeff Charlton 273.10, 241.04, 514.14

Field Rifles

Ron Cunningham 280.22, 250.19, 530.41

John Smeaton 279.21, 249.19, 529.40

Our next shoot is at 10am on Sunday, May 19 and will be ordinary targets at both ranges. The figure given after the decimal point above is the number of the central bullseyes shot.

Parkes SSAA Sporting Clays

At last months shoot nine shooters attended the Deep Lead shooting complex. They shot in a 80 target day with two events.

Event one: Sixty targets using six auto throwers. Bryan Rickaby 59, Brian Drabsch 58, John Patrick 55, David Wilson 54, Dan Morgan 50, Ben Smith 49, David Tanks 47, C.Smith 50.

Event two: Twenty target twin rise with one outwards and one inward. David Tanks 20, David Wilson 20, C.Smith 19, Brian Drabsch, John Patrick, Bryan Rickaby and Dan Morgan all on 16, Ben Smith 15.

Our next shoot is on Saturday, May 18 at 1pm and we will require some help in setting up for the day as two officials will be away and any help will be appreciated.

Brian Drabsch