Body of Jason Guise, a former Parkes man, found in Brisbane sewage holding tank

Jason Guise, whose body was found in a Brisbane sewage tank, had recently been released from jail.
Jason Guise, whose body was found in a Brisbane sewage tank, had recently been released from jail.

The body of a Brisbane father found in a sewage tank last week is believed to be that of former Parkes man Jason Guise.

Maintenance workers found the remains of the 45-year-old at the Wynnum sewage pumping plant on Wednesday, May 8.

Mr Guise was last seen on April 21 at his home, less than 2km from the plant.

Around 20 detectives are working on the case but won't reveal whether they believe he died at the plant or if his body was dumped there, while there's no word yet about the cause of death.

Police are looking into Facebook posts Mr Guise made before he died, including one from April 10 when he detailed a confrontation over the theft of his property while he was in jail.

"It's funny when you catch someone you been looking for and they sh-t themselves. And all you want is answers to some questions you have ABOUT all the things you own that was SOLD or STOLEN from me when I (was in) jail," he wrote.

"Funny how a punch in the face and all of sudden they remember things. They tell you the truth. So you lieing GRUB'S I Now know the truth ...u carnt hide now....You know who I mean use two (sic)."

On March 29 he said his car, bikes and clothes had been sold and he'd lost other treasured items.

Police divers spent hours extracting Mr Guise's body in a difficult mission that required four truckloads of liquid to be pumped out of the six-metre deep tank.

Detective Inspector Owen Elloy has appealed for any footage from Wynnum's Charlotte Street area.

Mr Guise had collected groceries from a benevolent society in the street around the time he vanished before taking them to his Bride Street home, one block over.

Det Insp Elloy said people who'd lived with the victim had provided "a great deal of assistance" as police waited on post-mortem results and toxicology tests.

He said the pumping station was visited by maintenance crews every 10 to 14 days and staff who made the grisly find were in a state of shock. He also said the pumping station was not overly secure.

Police have spoken to Mr Guise's father after identifying him from tattoos.

Mr Guise moved to a share flat in the Wynnum area in March. Police began looking for him when his sister raised the alarm.

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