Mapping of minds at Parkes High School

"True mental freedom is the ability to construct order from chaos" - Tony Buzan. V

Students from Parkes High School have been participating in the first - of hopefully many - Gifted and Talented Enrichment Days of 2019 in the school library.

Organised by Ms Tracy Dawson, Ms Helen Vere and Mr Peter Luck to extend the student's thinking skills, students learnt the value of organising thoughts and ideas.

The day consisted of group discussions, with everyone having a chance to talk and listen, as well as students splitting into groups, with Mr Luck teaching them about transect maps and Ms Vere talking to the year 8 half about using mind maps to organise their learning logs in maths.

Students then were tasked with creating a mind map of their own, with a choice from two topics.

What problem in the world would they like to solve and how, or where would be the perfect place to live?

At the end of the day, the various groups converged to share the fruits of their labour.

Mind maps were constructed using the laws of mind mapping, such as using a central image, using vibrant colours and using multiple senses in the mind map.

Ms Tracy Dawson, the school teacher librarian, said the day was "challenging for the students, but they were engaged, and the mind maps produced were original and interesting, and as usual, teenagers come up with ideas that adults never think of."

Another day is planned for this term.

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