Parkes Junior Cricket Association held its presentation ceremony for 2019

Parkes Junior Cricket Association staged their presentation day at Northparkes Oval on March 24 as a very well attended ceremony took place.

Those in attendance enjoyed sausage sandwiches and ice, cold drinks from the barbecue that was run by the Bayliss Family.

Inside a packed Northparkes clubhouse, many awards were presented to many players and supporters of Parkes Junior Cricket.

Special mention must be made of the excellent behaviour and manners of the large crowd, especially the Under 10 player who focused their attention on the award winners.

Awards presented were:

U/10 Medallions - Presented to players by coaches Cameron Rosser, Paul Dunford, Dylan Morgan and Luke Clarke.

Major Awards -

  • Kevin Klein Memorial Trophy - presented by Mr Glen Westcott to Harry Bayliss.
  • Peter Chambers Memorial Trophy - presented by Anthony Ruzgas to Hunter Hawke.
  • Joy Skinner Memorial Trophy - presented by Bill Skinner to Harry Jones.
  • Nic Fisher Memorial Trophy - presented by Tony Fisher to Jack Milne
  • Keeghan Tucker Girls Award - presented by Keeghan Tucker to Maddy Spence.

Premiership Caps - Premiership caps were presented to the winning teams. U/17 Hawkes presented by Clinton Hawke and U/14 Sixers presented by Grant Dunn.

Graduate Awards - PDJCA Secretary Greg Morrissey presented Corey Thompson, Hudson Hawke, Mason Ruzgas and Mitch Wright with a special gift for their years of Junior Cricket.

Best and Fairest Awards - based on 3-2-1 points allocated throughout the season, presented by PDJCA President Anthony Ruzgas.

  • U/17 Hawkes - Mitch Wright.
  • U/17 Bayliss - Harry Bayliss
  • U/17 Overall trophy winner was Harry Bayliss.
  • U/14 Thunder - Joseph Tanswell.
  • U/14 Sixers - Jack Milne.
  • U/14 Overall trophy winner was Joseph Tanswell.
  • U/12 Renegades - Ellen Dolbel.
  • U/12 Scorchers - Harry Yelland.
  • U/12 Overall tropy winner was Ellen Dolbel.

Most Improved Player Awards - presented by PDJCA Vice President Clinton Hawke.

  • U/17 Bayliss - Tyler Yeo.
  • U/17 Hawkes - Royce Simpson.
  • U/14 Thunder - Daniel Hando.
  • U/14 Sixers - Liam Moody.
  • U/12 Scorchers - Tom Ball.
  • U/12 Renegades - Kade Mikita.

Most Runs Awards - presented by PDJCA Records/Publicity Officer Kerry Spence.

  • U/17 Bayliss - Ryan Dunn.
  • U/17 Hawkes - Mitch Wright.
  • U/14 Thunder - Harry Jones.
  • U/14 Sixers - Ryan Dunford.
  • U/12 Scorchers - Harry Yelland.
  • U/12 Renegades - Ellen Dolbel.

Most Wickets Awards - presented by PDJCA Vice President Shane Jones.

  • U/17 Bayliss - Harry Bayliss.
  • U/17 Hawkes - Brody Clarke.
  • U/14 Thunder - Danilo Bottaro-Porter.
  • U/14 Sixers - Flynn Thompson.
  • U/12 Scorchers - Tom Ball.
  • U/12 Renegades - Ellen Dolbel.

Scorers Awards - for accuracy, neatness and completion during the season was presented by Greg Morrissey to Jo Simpson, Graeme Bayliss, Kerry Spence, Angela Bottaro-Porter, Lyndell Kennedy and Sharon Scott.

Presidents Appreciation Awards - presented by PDJCA President Anthony Ruzgas to:

  • Scott Knights - for being the Woolworths Junior Blaster cricket program co-ordinator.
  • Kerry Spence - for her untiring work as a scorer, registrar as well as statistics and publicity.
  • Shane Jones - for untiring work as coach of the Parkes U/12 representative squad.

The presentation ceremony concluded with a raffle draw for a variety of prizes including a cricket bag, batting pads and gloves, signed cricket vest as well as various shirts and caps. Some of the winners were - Harry Jones, Harry Kennedy, Hunter Hawke, Patrick Skinner, Harry Yelland, Harry Bayliss and Ryan Dunn.

The executive of PDJCA extends thanks to all who assisted in conducting Junior Cricket in 2018/19 and trusts you have gained personal satisfaction from your efforts. We look forward to seeing you again in 2019/20.