Middleton Public School hosted its 2019 swimming carnival

Middleton Public School held its annual swimming carnival at the Parkes Pool on Wednesday, February 13, and students and teachers were extremely lucky to have a mild sunny day.

It was very exciting to watch the top swimmers as they smashed their way through so many laps of the pool.

Every child had the opportunity to compete in at least two events and it was great to see so many students compete and receive points for their house.

The students’ behaviour was amazing.

Everyone cheered all day, supported each other and had a great time.

The students’ were enthusiastic and were even cheering for other house team’s swimmers.

Kingsford sports house had a very successful day.

They won the House Competition and the ‘Standen Family Supporters House’ Trophy.

Hayden Lamond was the Senior Boy Champion, followed closely by Riley McMaster.

Hayden and Riley were so close in every race that it really kept the judges and time-keepers on their toes!

At the end of the day they were only separated by one point.

Joselyn Folau was the Senior Girl Champion.

Chelsea McMaster and Meg Skinner both had a terrific day and they were joint winners for Junior Champions.

Oliver Neilsen came in as the Junior Boy Champion.

Sally Medlyn and Riley McMaster were the winners of the Dean Shield for the fastest swimmers over 50m on the day.

Congratulations to all these students!

Students also enjoyed the free swim times between each session.

These free swims allowed children a chance to have some more fun and cool off between events.

Their day concluded with the championship races, the relay events and then the presentation of all the ribbons and trophies.