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Cracking Cricket: Under 10s bowler Heath Mulligan. Under 10s Clarkes take on Morgans at Armstrong Park this weekend.
Cracking Cricket: Under 10s bowler Heath Mulligan. Under 10s Clarkes take on Morgans at Armstrong Park this weekend.

Results from Saturday, February 2

Under 17s

Hawkes 4/59 (Harrison McGregor 10 n.o and 2/14, Royce Simpson 11, Corey Thompson 1/1, best fielder – Zayne Ehsman) defeated KMWL 6/58 (Luke McDean 9 and 1/3, Charlie Holmes 9, Brodie Nicholls 1/4, best fielder – Luke McDean). Achesons won on forfeit from the Bayliss team.

Under 14s

Sixers 5/106 (Liam Moody 21 n.o and 1/1, Ewan Moody 19 retired and 2/5, best fielders – Jake Dunn and Sam Rayner) defeated Thunder 10/80 (Joseph Tanswell 15 n.o, Maddy Spence 14, Harry Kennedy 1/1, Danilo Bottaro-Porter 1/7, best fielders – Danilo Bottaro-Porter and Jackson Plummer).

Livestock 7/75 (Jack Whitty 17 and 3/5, Henry Hodges 13, Griffin Jones 2/6, best fielders – Jasper Mackay and Harry Whitty) defeated Bernardis IGA 10/71 (Tom Maslin 21, Campbell Ryan 17, Jack Priest 2/9, Edward Mayo 1/8, best fielders – Joseph Pereira and Amy Maslin).

Under 12s

Walkers AgNvet 110 (Sam Schrader 18 n.o and 1/3, Ollie Walker 18 n.o, Reggie Murray 1/7, best fielder – Zac Fraser) defeated Renegades 63 (Tyson Carruthers 10, Holly Duncan 7 retired, Callum Rowbotham 1/12, Matthew Skinner 1/15, best fielders – Matthew Skinner and Tyson Carruthers).

Adept Plumbing 1/128 (Patrick Ryan 24 n.o and 1/6, Tayte McNamara 23 retired and 2/11, best fielders – Dempsey O’Connell and Tom Whitty) defeated Scorchers 3/67 (Boyd Hutchins 8 n.o and 0/9, Harry Yelland 7 retired, Oliver Westcott 1/10).

Sportspower 74 (Joe Nicholson 28, Tom Glasson 11, Hamish Nicholson 2/7, Tom Greenhill 1/4, best fielders – Sterling Francis and Michael Price) defeated Hazell and Field 68 (Charlie Francis 16, Justin Kruger 24, George Field 2/5, Phillip Klinger 2/13, best fielders – Justin Kruger and Charlie Francis).

Under 10s

Clarkes 101 (Patrick Skinner 19, Nate Strong 17, Eamon Moody 17, Jayden Kuun 13, Jett Clarke 13, Nate Henry 13, Jaxon Clarke 11, Jayden Kuun 3/4, Jett Clarke 1/1, Eamon Moody 1/9) defeated Rossers 60 (George Thomas 16, Daisy Rice 4, Nina Richardson Bartley 4, Lockey Harbidge 4).

Dunfords 118 (Jack Dunford 20, Henry Kross 19, Jamison Lee 2/8, Hughie Orr 2/15, Henry Kross 1/9) defeated Morgans 80 (Josh Riley 7 and 2/11, Anderson Ball 1/15, Harry Smede 1/24).

Point score after games played February 2.

  • Under 17s – Achesons 13, Hawkes 9, KMWL 9, Bayliss 7.
  • Under 14s – Livestock 21, Sixers 18, Thunder 12, Bernardis 10.
  • Under 12s – Sportspower 23, Adept Plumbing 23, Hazell and Field 21, Walkers AgNvet 19, Renegades 13, Scorchers 9.
  • Under 10s – No point score is kept.

Draw for Friday, February 8 and Saturday, February 9.

Friday game begins at 5.45pm, players need to be there by 5.30pm.

  • Under 17s - Bayliss versus KMWL at North Parkes Oval.

Saturday – All games to begin at 8.30am, players need to be there by 8.15am.

  • Under 17s - Achesons versus Hawkes at South Circle Oval, Forbes.
  • Under 14s – Thunder versus Livestock at Spicer Oval, Parkes. Bernardis IGAs versus Sixers at Grinstead Oval, Forbes.
  • Under 12s - Scorchers versus Hazell and Field at Keast 2, Parkes. Renegades versus Sportspower at Steffan Field, Forbes. Walkers AgNvet versus Adept Plumbing at Botanical Gardens, Forbes.

Under 10s - start at 8.45am.

  • Clarkes versus Morgans at Armstrong Park. Dunfords versus Rossers at Holy Family School.

Monthly Meeting: Parkes District Junior Cricket will host its monthly meeting on Monday, February 11 at the Parkes Services Club at 7pm. The end of season presentation ceremony will be an important point on the agenda so it is imperative that ALL teams in ALL grades are represented at this meeting. Competition points will be deducted from teams not represented in under 17, under 14 and under 12 grades.

Woolworths Junior Blasters: Woolworths Junior Blasters has resumed for another four week period. These sessions will be at Woodward Oval each Thursday from 5.15pm – 6.15pm.

Representative Cricket: Parkes under 14s score BIG win at Wellington! On Sunday, February 3 the Parkes under 14 team travelled to Wellington to play Wellington under 14s at the scenic Pioneer Park turf wicket. Parkes scored a convincing 154 run victory, scores were – Parkes 4/236 off 40 overs defeated Wellington 82 in 37.2 overs.

Several Parkes players turned in excellent performances in this game, Liam Moody (83 runs from 101 balls which included nine fours), Hunter Hawke (56 runs from 78 balls with five fours and one six) and Maddy Spence (13 n.o off 14 balls and 4/8 off eight overs) really stand out.

Batting first Parkes received a good 35 run opening partnership from Joseph Tanswell (14) and Liam Moody, before Liam and Hunter combined to put on a 146 runs for the second wicket in a splendid exhibition of quality batting.

Both players were patient in defending good bowling and being aggressive to any wayward bowling. Liam Moody most certainly demonstrated that he is a vastly improved player.

As his innings progressed he really launched into a fine variety of strokes – hitting three fours in one over at one stage. Hunter Hawke should be proud of his initial fifty at representative level. He concentrated hard and played a terrific on drive that went for six that was a high light of his innings.

Rayn Dunford (10), Maddy Spence (13 n.o) and Ewan Moody 15 n.o) added brisk runs at the end of the Parkes innings. Wellingtons best bowlers were Lachlan George (1/29 off seven overs) and Zeke Heterick (2/46 off seven overs).

In reply Parkes opening bowlers Ryan Dunford and Maddy Spence smashed through the early order Wellington batting line up to see Wellington reeling at 3/6 after four overs. Parkes then gave the majority of their players a chance to bowl as Wellington batted defiantly with Nate Bradford (10), Lachlan George (24) and Jussie Duffield (12) offering stout resistance.

Parkes bowling figures were – Ryan Dunford (2/17 off eight overs), Maddy Spence (4/8 off eight overs), Flynn Thompson (1/6 off two overs), Lachlan Plummer (0/5 off two overs), Triston Ross (1/8 off five overs), Ewan Moody (0/1 off two overs), Harry Kennedy (0/1 off one over), Geordie Duncan (0/2 off one over) and Liam Moody (1/3 off 1.2 overs).

Smart catches were taken by Flynn Thompson, Ryan Dunford (2), Hunter Hawke and Maddy Spence who took an outstanding caught and bowled catch while Joseph Tanswell put in a good display behind the stumps as wicket keeper. Parkes coaches Clinton Hawke and Phil Dunford congratulated the Parkes players on a good team effort to score such a convincing victory over a gallant Wellington team.

Many thanks to those Parkes parents/supporters who provided transport to/from Wellington for the Parkes under 14 players. Parkes under 12s to travel to Dubbo on Sunday, February 10. The Parkes under 12 team are scheduled to play Dubbo White at Dubbo this Sunday.

So far in the 2018/2019 Lachlan U/12 Competition the Parkes under 12s remain undefeated with results: October 21, 2018 – Parkes 8/111 defeated Dubbo White 64 at Parkes. December 16, 2018 – Parkes 5/108 defeated Dubbo Blue 7/104 at Dubbo.

Therefore the Parkes under 12s will need to go all out to maintain their undefeated record this season when they travel to Dubbo. The Parkes team was to be finalised at training this past week under Coach Shane Jones. Parents and players will need to meet at the Church Street Bus Stop at 7.50am on Sunday morning to arrange transport to and from Dubbo.

The co-operation of parents in relation to transport is greatly appreciated. It is recommended that Parkes players bring their lunch and plenty of drinks. The game starts at 10am. As the end of the Lachlan under 12 season draws to a close the draw for the next few weeks is –

  • February 17 – Parkes versus Dubbo Blue in Parkes.
  • February 24 – Inter-Town Semi Finals.
  • March 3 – Inter-Town Final.

Greg Morrissey