Parkes Elvis Festival, 2019: Sunrise comes to town | Video, photos, pictures

SINGING, dancing, Hound Dogs and a little bit of celebrity – Cooke Park was All Shook Up during a visit by morning television program Sunrise on Thursday.

Weatherman Sam Mac did live crosses every half an hour from the park surrounded by Elvii, Priscillas, women in beautiful dresses and dancing children.

It was the second the time the morning program has paid a visit to town during the Parkes Elvis Festival, the previous one was in 2015 when they filmed from The Dish.

During the live crosses, Mr Mac interviewed festival headline act Ted Torres Martin who performed an impromptu rendition of All Shook Up with the help of those fans who had come to watch.

Parkes Elvis Festival founders Bob and Anne Steel also took part in one of the crosses and they spoke of the creation of the festival 27 years ago.

“It happens to be Elvis’ birthday in January and we thought why don’t we have a birthday party,” Mr Steel said.

Miss Priscilla 2017 Jackie Batt also paid a visit as did dancers from Parkes Boppers who performed during a cross.

In the crowds were people from across NSW and Australia, including Sydney woman Samantha Salgado who was there with her three-month-old daughter Arabella who was dressed in an Elvis jumpsuit.

Parkes children Lilly, 9, Jacob, 7, Oscar, 4, and Teddy, 4, Gosper along with Emrys Cassidy, 2, and Nate Calabro, 4, all came along dressed as Elvis and were only too happy to show the Parkes Champion Post how to dance like Elvis.