Christmas scams warning from Parkes police

SCAMMERS are not taking a holiday in the lead-up to Christmas, with the Central West Police District issuing a new warning for people to be wary.

A police spokesperson said there were still a number of scams doing the rounds in the Parkes region, with several focusing on a Christmas theme.

Scammers collecting for unregistered charities in the lead-up to Christmas and a number of bogus holiday accommodation deals have been reported to police in recent weeks.

Officers are urging people to use common sense when receiving unsolicited calls or messages and to apply the rule, “if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is”.

But the Christmas holiday scams are appearing in other forms as well.

Officers warn people to be on the lookout for a number of other seasonal scams, including:

  • Flight booking scams.
  • Online shopping scams.
  • Parcel delivery scams.
  • Social media gift vouchers and other free product scams.
  • Door-to-door sales scams.
  • Telephone scams.
  • Christmas e-card scams.
  • Romance scams targeting lonely hearts during the holidays.
  • Weight-loss scams, particularly in the new year as people start working on their resolutions.
  • Lottery scams claiming people have won a prize but need to forward some personal details to make a claim.

Meanwhile, a separate scam targeting elderly people in the Bathurst region has also been reported to police.

Officers said dodgy roof repairers have been making unsolicited visits to the homes of elderly residents, offering the occupants a free roof inspection.

The scammers than advise the home owner that their roof is in danger of collapsing before seeking to obtain money for work that will never be completed.

Anyone who receives a call or visit they believe to be a scam is asked to phone Parkes police on 6862 9999 to pass on the details.

Information about scams can also be provided anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.