Parkes Champion Post teams up with Parkes astronomer Dr Jane Kaczmarek for Q&A

CSIRO astronomer Dr Jane Kaczmarek has been working at the Parkes Radio Telescope since March.

CSIRO astronomer Dr Jane Kaczmarek has been working at the Parkes Radio Telescope since March.

CSIRO astronomer at the Parkes Radio Telescope, Dr Jane Kaczmarek, has a big passion to help inspire the next generation of astronomers.

That’s why she’s out to encourage the young people of Parkes to start to “look around and wonder”.

Dr Kaczmarek is teaming up with the Parkes Champion Post to bring a regular science Q&A section to students in the Parkes Shire.

Of course the Q&A will also be open to others in the community if they’re interested. 

Curious residents are invited to send their questions into the Champion Post, who will then pass the questions onto Dr Kaczmarek to answer.

The questions and accompanying answers will be printed on the opinion page in a Friday edition of the paper and on the Champion Post’s website.

“I want to encourage Parkes Shire students to start to ask their own questions about the world and universe in which they live,” Dr Kaczmarek said.

“Given that my background is in astrophysics and physics, I would like to encourage that the questions be space-related.”

But Dr Kaczmarek said she was willing to reach out to scientists in other disciplines to answer questions, should one arise outside of her area of expertise.

Readers can email their questions to, in a private message on the Champion Post’s Facebook page or handed into the office at 7-9 Court Street, Parkes.

The first Q&A section will be published in the Friday, October 12 edition.

Dr Kaczmarek has been working with the Dish for more than 10 months now and has been based in Parkes since March.

Her role was created especially from the installation of the new $2.5 million ultra-wide band receiver inside the telescope’s focus cabin, that took place on May 15.

As part of her interest in engaging with the community, Dr Kaczmarek is hosting astronomy talks at the Parkes Radio Telescope Visitors Centre these school holidays.

Visitors will have the opportunity to hear from Dr Kaczmarek about the amazing science happening right now at the telescope each weekday at 11am and 2pm, from Tuesday, October 2 to Friday, October 12.

Entry is free, no bookings are required and all ages are welcome.

The CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope Visitors Discovery Centre is open to the public from 8.30am to 4.15pm, seven days a week.