Parkes A Grade men’s hockey grand final – Rovers face Magpies

DECIDER: Rovers player Phil Dunford knows what it takes to win on the big occasions. Photo: Jenny Kingham.
DECIDER: Rovers player Phil Dunford knows what it takes to win on the big occasions. Photo: Jenny Kingham.

Rovers versus Magpies Black

Rovers have been in impressive form throughout the season with mid-fielder, Graeme Thompson, being named the best player in the competition.

Rovers will be expecting a big game from Thompson with the experience of Kieren Deland and Aaron Huppatz a big factor for the team.

Magpies Black have fought hard to earn themselves a spot in the grand final with NSW junior, Koby Johnstone and PHI most outstanding junior, Kyle Thompson, in outstanding form this year.

The experience of Graeme Tanswell and Glenn Johnstone in a big game situation will be critical in guiding around their younger team members.


Beefa Coleman – GK – looking fit, the rock at the back protecting our cage.

Graeme Tanswell – Wily old stayer. Winner of Australian Masters World Cup gold, hoping to recreate in Saturday’s decider.

Koby Johnstone – Outstanding junior, will be one of the main attacking weapons with his lethal drag flicks.

Pete Yelland – Injury put him out for most of the year. One of the most reliable players on the pitch.

James Finn – One of the most improved players in the competition. Very reliable and fast.

Tim Wright – One of the best players in the competition. Will be looking for a big game (if he is here)

Kyle Thompson – Another great junior. Been one of Magpies best this year. Will be looking to stop his Dad from claiming victory.

Will Cassell – Reliable, hard worker, a player you want in your team. Great team man.

Andrew Finn – Fast, skilful. Will have to be watched as he can cause havoc. Very talkative at half time.

Royce Simpson – Skilful player, works very hard in attack and defence. Magpies will be looking for a goal out of this kid.

Glenn Johnstone – old warhorse who has played more grand finals than anyone in the competition. Will strap himself up to get on the field but is sure to still be one of the best out there.


Ryan Dunford and Joseph Tanswell – both state players gaining great experience in the big dance.

Andrew Rice and Geoff Rice – old stayers who have been outstanding for Magpies all year.

Rovers A

Jason Kennedy - Affectionately known as ‘old salt & pepper’ when he’s not put a rinse through, Kenno is hitting form in goals at the right end of the season. Will be hoping for a relatively quiet day on Saturday but will be up to the task if required.

Shane Jones -  As the elder statesman of the team there won’t be too many older than Jonesy on the field on Saturday. Has an eye like a dead fish and is still one of the best defenders in town.

Kieren Deland - Is old enough to know better and should have hung the stick up years ago. Looking forward to rekindling old grand final rivalries from the early nineties (yes nineties!!) with some of the Magpies boys.

Simon Scott - Aloha!! An incredible booking error sees Scotty in Hawaii for the big game. Will be sorely missed and better come back with a ring on it to make up for missing the GF!!

Graeme Thompson - Took out the team Best & Fairest this year and has had a strong season all round. Is unlikely to get away from his game day ritual of a ‘Winnie Red’ before and a ‘Bundy Red’ after. Has advised he is keen to show his son Kyle correct tackling techniques up close and personal!!

Scott Allen - Arguably the best buy of the season, Scotty has come back bigger and better than ever after some time away from the game. One of the few blokes in the team who can still get out of a jog, his overlap run on Saturday is sure to be vital.

Aaron Huppatz - Like a good wine, Huppo has mellowed over the years. You’d have to tell him that if he went fishing the only thing he’d catch would be a cold to get him fired up these days. Still has some of the best stick skills in town and knows where the net is.

Brad Gardiner - With undoubtedly the best five o’clock shadow in town, ‘Gards’ has got knocked up scoring goals this season. Finds the net with monotonous regularity but if you choose to locate your vehicle in the car park on the weekend make sure your insurance is up to date.

Brendon Roffe - ‘’Speedy’, sensitive, charismatic type who is as happy in goals as he is up front ‘ - that’s what his Facebook profile says anyway. Roffey will be looking for the big double on the weekend and is sure to wreak havoc before, during and after the event.

Hamish Orr - Is normally frequenting the European alps at this time of the year but he’s managed to fit us into his busy social schedule. ‘The Hammer’ has had a great season and is keen to dust of his new top secret goal celebration on Saturday.

Aaron Thorne - He’s umpired more games than most have had hot dinners this year but Junior continues to dazzle with those silky skills of his. Always makes it very hard for opposition teams to tackle him, he will be sure to cause plenty of headaches for defenders on the weekend.

Nic Job - One of the Tigers young guns, Nic has continued to go from strength to strength this year. His forward pressure and time on the ball will be crucial to achieving success on Saturday.

Ian Westcott - Has focused more on quality than quantity this season. Westy has the reach of a Boeing 747 and some would say (not me though!!), the turning circle of one too these days! Adds a lot of starch to the Tigers midfield and is a big game player.

Jeff Mulligan - Mullo has the happy knack of turning up in the right place at the right time. Has scored some crucial goals for his team this season and knows how to finish when the pressure is on.

Declan Daley - Another of Rovers up and comers, Dec has continued to improve with every outing. Is capable of troubling opposition defenses and always gives 100%. He can’t wait to get down to the Commercial to wash a few dishes on Saturday night for some reason??

Phil Dunford - ‘The Big Horse’ is a relative new comer to our fine game but he’s taken to it like a duck to water. Is better known for causing ducks while charging in off the long run, he knows what it takes to win on the big occasions. Will no doubt do the right thing by the team and ground his son Ryan before the match on Saturday.


Rovers Gorillas versus Rovers Gold

Gorillas have been very consistent throughout the season and will be hoping experience will get them over the line over their younger opposition.

Billy Payne, Brendon Roffe and Simon Scott have been in consistent good form for Gorillas and will be hoping to take this form into the grand final.

The young Rovers Gold side are full of enthusiasm with Jack Westcott, Zac Redfern, Sam Carty and Jacob Chambers expected to have big matches on Saturday.


Magpies Black versus Cellars Aqua

Graeme Tanswell will lead his talented group of youngsters around the field and he will expect strong performances from Ryan Dunford, Joseph Tanswell and James Finn.

Cellars Aqua will be hoping their experience is too much for their younger opponents to handle with Craig Kelly likely to knock in a couple of goals for his side.

Hugo Fenton has been in excellent form for Cellars and will be hoping for a big performance this weekend.

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