Parkes woman helps out premature babies

Megan with all she could hold of the beautifully hand made premature baby sets.
Megan with all she could hold of the beautifully hand made premature baby sets.

A young Parkes woman has turned her love of crocheting into a small enterprise for a good cause.

Megan Gibson (21) has enlisted the help of other women to make beanies, booties and mittens to donate to premature babies.

Megan said the idea came when she was crocheting beanies for her young cousins.

“My aunt sent me a facebook post from a Sydney hospital requesting premature baby beanies and I thought it was a great idea to start making some,” she said.

“My younger brother was born eight weeks premature, so I thought it would be nice to help out.”

Megan put up a sign at work (The Coffee Pot) asking others to donate items or wool if they couldn’t make the items themselves.

She also has patterns available if anybody needs them.

Megan said the response has been fantastic.

“It started off slow but in the last few weeks it has picked up and everyone has brought in all their work, it’s really good,” she said.

“I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made. I’ve ended up mixing my stuff with other people’s.

“Some just make beanies, others just make booties so I put what I can together as sets.”

One of of the ladies to answer Megan’s call for help, Shirley Woodfine, has donated more than 40 beautifully made sets.

Megan estimates her troops and herself have put together 150 items all up and she now has three nice size boxes to send to Sydney hospitals.

Although Megan has been knitting since she was 10 she prefers to crochet. 

“I taught myself to crochet two years ago,” she said.

“I’m much more confident crocheting than knitting.”