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Netball u13: Back L.Fryer, K.Dunn, C.McGinnes, M.MacGregor, M.Grosvenor, T.Smede, E.McGinnes. Front K.Jelbart, Z.Anderson, H.McPherson.

Netball u13: Back L.Fryer, K.Dunn, C.McGinnes, M.MacGregor, M.Grosvenor, T.Smede, E.McGinnes. Front K.Jelbart, Z.Anderson, H.McPherson.

Railway bowls 

Club Championships matches over the weekend saw some close and not so close matches Pig Phillips, Bernie Coleman and Garry Phillips proved to strong for Col Hornery, Tony Latter and Peter Creith winning convincingly 24-12 Petes team got to within four shots but it was Pigs team who finished to strong.

In the minor Pairs match between Geoff Leonard, Terry Hetherington up against Clive Stibbard and Matt Mcgrath was a close match throughout with Matt and Clive winning 21-17 .

In another minor Pairs match saw Brad Blanchard and Tony Latter defeating Mark Francis and Wally Austin 25-16 Brad & Tony played good bowls on the day and deserved there win.

Mark Francis,Ray Griffith and Steve Frame defeated Shane Hodge, Matt Mcgrath and Jim Daley 26-11.

In the match of the round Steve Nicholson and Graham Cole did battle in the minor singles match with Coley coming out a convincing winner 31-10 .

Upcoming events Club Championship Triples and Fours, to be played asap .

A return trip to Manildra to contest the Price- Carty Sheild on the July 29 the dress is Club Colours  a sheet is on the board.

-by Graham Thomson

Women’s Bowling

Our bowlers enjoyed a beautiful day playing bowls this week in perfect conditions.

In a triples game Jan McPhee, Rosemary Mitchell, Chris Curteis def Jean Kennedy, Di Howell, Chris Cox.

In Pairs games Marja Iffland, Kim Evans def Frances Charlton, Betsy Johnstone.

Minnie Riordan, Liz Byrne def Merilyn Rodgers, Rhona Went.

Winners for the day were Minnie and Liz.

The draw for the Club Championship Triples to be played on or before July 17 as follows.

Frances Charlton, Chris Cox, Chris Curteis versus Rhona Went, Cherie Frame, Gwenda Carty.

Kim Evans, Maureen Miller, Lorraine Baker versus Liz Byrne, Brenda Davies, Betsy Johnstone.

Two teams have a bye, Maree Grant, Marja Iffland, Merilyn Rodgers. Also Joan Simpson, Audrey Jones, Minnie Riordan.

There will be a Trading Table held next week (17th) which will be a pick-a-box table with numbered prizes.

Please bring a small plate of sweets to share at lunch.

To play social bowls please ring Table Selectors Rhona Went and Marja Iffland between 9am and 9.30am on 68621446.

Social roster Minnie Riordan.

-by Rosemary Mitchell

Dragon’s Lair

Frost. Lazy Breeze & Minus Temperatures didn't deter the Parkes Services Social Golfers from playing for Ian Phipp's Trophy & Ray Cabbans Raffle.

Winner on the day was Dale Stait with a respectable score of 69 nett.

Runner ups were Reg Davison & Ray Cabban with 70 nett.

Nearest the Pins for the Ladies won by Lyn Davison taking out both the 4th &11th Holes.

Nearest the Pin for the Men won by Dale Stait on 1st & Reg Davison on the 11th with a kick in Birdie.

Lucky Draw won by Victor Giadzionis.

Speaking of Awards on the day, Phil Smith, picked up three awards on the same day, which by the way unheard of in the History of the Club.

Phil managed to win the Nearest the Pin on the 6th Hole, Win the Bunny Award & also picked up an air swing along the way. "LUCKY PHIL".

Raffle Winner was the Donor in Ray Cabban with Golf Balls going to Dale Stait & Victor Giadzionis.

Next week we play a Teams Event for Trophies supplied by Len Archer & Bill Warren with Brenda Wells supplying the Raffle. Go the Dragons

-by Ross Smith


Results of our recent games are as follows :- On Monday, July 2 the winners were Steve and Rosemary Morris 65.62 per cent.

Second were Wendy Andrews and Robyn Sheridan 60.42 followed by Beryl Twardy and Anne Berkeley 54.17.

Winners on Tuesday 3rd July were Greig Ball and Isabel Orange with a great 70 per cent score.

Next best were Bev Laing and Laurie Keane 57 and Suzie McNamara and Jenny Freeman 55.

We had seven tables of players on Thursday, July 5 which was a welcome surprise as numbers have been down in the last month.

North south winners were Louise Payne and Peter Quin with 70.40.

Second were Rosemary Morris and Beryl Twardy 63.79 and third were Bev Laing and Isabel Orange 57.39.

For the east west side Keith Fiedler and Greig Ball topped with 57.49 followed by Margaret Hawken and John Quin 56.5 and Beth THomas and Suzie McNamara 54.37.

We played a game on Saturday and Greig Ball and Keith Fiedler topped again with 64 per cent.

Second were Bev Laing and Isabel Orange 63 followed by Helen McQuie and Beth Symington 52.

Winners on Monday July 9 were Beryl Twardy and Jenny Freeman 59.13.

Second were Rosemary and Steve Morris 56.75  with Bev Laing and Anne Berkeley coming third with 50.99

Tuesday July 10 results were first Joan Reilly and Greig Ball 66.07, second Nancye Blatch and Isabel Orange 56.55 and third Val Boyd and Beth Symington54.17.

For the uninitiated in bridge scoring, place getters at local level receive 'green' master points which are sent to the Australian Bridge Federation.

These points gradually accumulate to give players rankings against all other players in Australia.

Our two highest ranked members are Peter Quin and Keith Fiedler who are up in the master class.

Members please don't forget that it's our AGM next Thursday starting at 11am.

We need nominations for committee ASAP.  

-by Jenny Freeman

Parkes SSAA Smallbore

Last weekend we saw only six shooters attended the Deep Lead shooting complex.

They shot at ordinary targets at both 25 and 50 meters for a maximum of 500 points.

This match was shot under very cold south west winds and with sleet falling.

Target rifles

Brian Drabsch 250, 247, 497

John Davis 250, 243, 493

Ian Matthews 245, 221, 466

Field Rifles

Ron Cunningham 249, 244, 493

John Smeaton 244, 225, 469

Jim Nash 233, 230, 463

Our next shoot is at 1pm Sunday, July 15 and will be an animal target at both ranges. We played the game ‘where’s Wally’ and found him! Now where’s Bazil?

What has happened to him? The electronic media on national TV are letting out a lot of untrue information relation to getting a license and purchasing legal firearms.

A lot of checks and balances have to be satisfied before a person can get either and takes many months to satisfy and that is only the start of safe keeping and use of same and is not as simple as they make out.

Police do a primal check and finally an inspection of storage.

-by Brian Drabsch

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