Parkes Day VIEW Club celebrates Christmas in July

This July Meeting, the Parkes Day VIEW Club members acknowledged the 20 years that two of us had contributed to the success of the Club.  

Both Margaret Dwyer and Maureen Stirling came forward to receive their 20 Year Badges, presented to them by our President Vicki Archer.

A round of applause and a shout-out of cheers greeted the pair.  

Both women have participated in helping the Club in various activities to raise money to support the Smith Family “Learning for Life” schoolchildren that we support.

As the Smith Family is quoted, “Help end poverty, one student at a time.”

And, in another quote, “The Smith Family - everyone’s family”.

All our activities throughout the year (not only our Meetings) are firstly, aimed towards the goals of raising money, and, secondly, have the championship and enjoyment of being with other members in the Club.  

We seem to be good at these jobs, because we achieve these goals each year.

We work to raise money, but we have fun, too!

This July Meeting, we decided to use the theme, “Christmas in July”.  

So, we had Christmas food, Christmas music on CDs, and practiced some Trivia questions in preparation for our next activity.  

We will be holding our second yearly Trivia Night next month – so look out for the details in the newspaper - as today, time and place.  

Just a reminder – it will include chocolates and Certificates for the winners!

EVERYONE is welcome!!

As a craft challenge, we were given a quarter circle of a piece of green paper plus some “press-on” coloured stars.  

The green paper was folded into a tree-shape, and of course, the stars were used as decorations.

We then all had a Christmas tree decoration at each place setting that we made ourselves.

Come for a luncheon with us if these happenings sound interesting to you.  

All women are welcome!

Our next Meeting will be on Tuesday, August 7.