Parkes Tennis News

Hewitts Divison: Knox Lamont and Toby Swain had a ripper match with some beaut rallies. Abbey reported both boys made some nice serves into play and really enjoyed their new format. Knox scored a 4/1 win.

Jacques vanWyk and Sam Westcott did very well playing their first comp match on the full sized court adjusting well to the different rules. Sam had a few too many muscles at times probably from his yummy hedgehog slice but he’ll develop more racquet control with plenty of practise. Jacques won their encounter 5/1.

Volleys Division: Playing on a full size court moving from using orange balls to green balls can be a real challenge for junior players but the Volleys division players will certainly rise and take up their challenge this term.  Lucy Chapman loved the extra space while Ruby Wilson found the extra depth a little tricky at times. Both girls did a beaut job with Lucy scoring a well deserved 5/2 win.

Lucy Hall was all smiles as she scored a 5/1 win over Max Coote and really enjoyed having more area to get her serves into play. Sam Riley was a little concerned having to cover more court but he and Victoria Simpson had some rallies and Sam managed just fine, even scoring a 4/1 win.

Smashes Division: Tom Rix has been promoted to full court and he’ll have no trouble covering the area. He may have some issues with his power game. Tom had a good match against Tia Dunn but it was Tia who showed her experience to win the match 4/2.

Ella McColl started her comp in style with a 5/1 win over a very rusty Tim Nyugen. Ella got lots of balls back into play and Tim couldn’t quite find his timing.

Hayden Arndell moved up from the orange court last term and relished his new challenge of full court against Thomas Simpson to score a 4/2 win.

Federers Division: Patrick McPherson was all smiles after his first comp match. PJ has been busting to play comp and finally sorted his mums schedule. Patrick played Ruby Coote and scored a 4/2 win. Tarlei Glastonbury and Poppy Fisher had a good match. Poppy will be working on her serving in the coming weeks while Tarlei was on fire. She had a well deserved first up 5/1 win.

Riley Jones has been enjoying his tennis and starting to understand more about the actual game play. He and Mitchell Boggs moved up from the red court to orange this term and Riley flourished. Mitchell will be right once he gets used to the bigger space. Riley won all seven games played.

Aces Division: Nate Harrison and Mitchell Wirth played a good match. Both boys have moved up from orange to green ball and will enjoy the challenge. It was Nate who controlled his shots a little better last week to score a 5/2 win.

Anabelle VanWyk and Sam Rivett had a close match. Both players battled with their serves and did well. Anabelle won 4/3. Patrick Simpson and Coen Glastonbury seemed to be having a very friendly match with plenty of chatter. Coen took the win 5/2.

Dashas Division: Well done to Elena Glastonbury on her first comp match. Coach Helen has been trying to talk Elena into having a go at comp and finally she prevailed this term and loved her first experience. She played Sienna Hunt who is doing a beaut job serving over arm and working on her development. Elena just won 5/4 after some beaut rallies.

Katie Forbes did very well in her first try at comp. Katie came up against Charlotte Wilson who is continuing to improve every week. Charlotte will be working on serving over arm during this term so she can move into the full Red court division. Charlotte scored a win this time round.

Singles / Double Division: Ethan Hunt and Tyson Lennox could be the team to beat this term in the singles and doubles division. They took on Marcus Moss and Mitch Unger last week and it was a tough encounter with the sets scores 6/3, 6/4, 6/5 but Ethan and Tyson won all three.

Nia Boggs and Mitchell Arndell could prove a underestimated combination. These good friends combined beautifully to defeat first time singles and doubles division players Will Rix and Nick McPherson in all three sets.

In a ripper match Xander Macgregor and Lachie Unger scored a hard fought 2 sets to 1 win over new combination Cody Morgan and Archie Rix. Lachie defeated Cody 6/4 while Archie then scored a tiebreak 6/5 win over Xander.  Xander and Lachie rallied well and won the doubles 6/4 which proved the difference.

Bathurst AMT & JT: Last weekend Parkes had juniors travel to Bathurst for their huge tournament which attracted almost 500 entries. This meant some matches ran behind by some 2hrs while others were postponed until the following day once 9.30pm was reached and no further matches could commence.

Jake Magill didn’t have his best weekend and went down in the second round of the AMT singles and the quarters of the doubles. Maddy McCormick, Lily McCormick and Molly Kennedy, Holly McColl, Abbey Kennedy, Hannah and Phoebe Potts all competed hard with mixed results.

Holly made the final of the 16s doubles, Abbey lost in the quarters of the 14s Conso while Phoebe made the semis of the 16s doubles and 16s singles conso. Hannah was the best performer and made the final of the AMT singles which will boost her rankings. She also made the quarters of the 16s singles and semis of the doubles.

Central West Trials: This Saturday will be the trials for the Central West 14s and 16s teams event. Entries accepted online and close Thursday.

BLAYNEY JDS: Parkes juniors represented well at Sundays Junior Development Series event at Blayney. Ella McColl played in the 10s, Faith Clarke, Ethan Hunt and Gabe Goodrick in the 12s, Ellen Dolbel, Molly Kennedy, Abbey Kennedy and Holly McColl in the 14s. Ella had a super day and won her first tournament which was great to see. Gabe finished runner-up and from all reports showed beaut sportsmanship throughout the day. Ethan made semis while Faith did really well and enjoyed her first competition format. Ellen was on a roll after 4 days of tennis at NSW PSSA and challenged herself in the 14s finishing 4th while Molly Kennedy has been hitting some sizzling strokes in developing her groundies at training but has found it difficult at times to transfer this to the match court. Molly reported she was very happy with her performance at Blayney finishing 3rd. Abbey Kennedy and Holly McColl have had a lot of hard fought close matches during their time in JDS tournaments with results ‘twoing and frowing’ over the years. It was Abbey who won Sundays battle  4/0, 5/4(13/11) to take out the 14s.

The next two Central West JDS events are Orange on May 20. Entries close May 16 and Dubbo on June 3. Entries close May 30.

Night Competition: Round 2 of night competition last week and some close results. A really interesting match to watch on the front courts last week when the Bogan Gate Bandits played Top Shelf. This match showed the overwhelming benefits of integrating young teenage juniors into the adult competition and playing against mostly men who have the advantage of strategic play. The juniors were almost as skilled, and in some cases more skilled than their opponents, but couldn’t manage to win a single set because they were being forced into making errors where normally they would hit winners. The different spin, speed and placement of shots by Andrew McPherson and Phil Dunford in particular along with Ben Rix steady play, saw them totally outclass youngsters Abbey Kennedy, Maddy McCormick and Koby Wirth six sets to zero in what could be described as a lesson in match play. Brilliant!

Westy’s Warriors scored a four sets to two win over Aces while Serves You Right had a good four sets to two win against The Questionables.

Chappo’s Charges winning streak was nullified by The Dirty Daws five sets to one although all sets were competitively contested.

Mrs Brown’s Tennis Boys are continuing on their merry way with another comfortable clean sweep over Smashes. Jonty Ralph, Corey Rowbotham and Jake Ryan are getting the job done in style and showing plenty of skill.

Dreamteam and Net Nuts had a hard fought match. The best set was the doubles between Alex Evans and Courtney Rousell playing Darren Fisher and Travis Carte. Darren and Travis are both lefties and have well placed serves with plenty of spin attached while Alex Evans has arguably the biggest serve in town with his racquet head speed producing the goods. Courtney did a great job returning serve and staying out of the way of other ‘bullets’ from behind. Alex and Courtney did well in the end to take a close match 6/5 but it was Dreamteam who took the match overall four sets to two.