Team Breaden shave heads for ovarian cancer research and awareness

Joel and Talan Breaden are less than $3000 from their promise to skin shave their heads and beards with a razor for ovarian cancer research and awareness.

The couple set out at the beginning of February – which is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – to raise as many funds and as much awareness as possible.

It’s all in memory and honour of one very special woman, their mother and mother-in-law, and former Parkes Public School principal, Leanne Breaden who lost her 13-month battle with ovarian cancer on Christmas Eve last year.

Like so many others with ovarian cancer, Leanne was not diagnosed until it had spread throughout her abdomen. 

She underwent chemotherapy and major surgery, only to have the cancer return almost immediately with a terminal diagnosis.

“There are too many similar stories, and that’s why we’re raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation,” Talan said. 

“Not only as an opportunity to raise awareness within our regional NSW community but to also provide a contribution towards research in the early detection of ovarian cancer to ultimately improve the mortality rate and long-term survival chances for women across Australia and the globe.”

The boys said their ultimate goal is $10,000 – which would result in the skin shave. 

But they also agreed that if they raised between $2000-$5000 they would have a number 1 buzz cut and if they reached between $5000-$7500, they would have a zero buzz cut.

By March 5 Joel and Talan – calling themselves Team Breaden – had raised $6400 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

That afternoon the pair headed to Adele’s Salon and Skin Clinic to have their heads shaved with clippers to a number zero.

“We set targets of how short our hair would get cut. We have been overwhelmed with the response from Parkes residents, friends and family,” Talan said.

“We’ve had incredible support from the Parkes community. Family, friends, colleagues, some people have given extraordinary amounts.”

It couldn’t have been more fitting to have Adele Hawke shave their heads since she was Leanne’s hairdresser for most of her life and has always been her children’s hairdresser.

Parkes’ primary schools and Parkes High School have been helping out too by hosting fundraisers and donating the money to Team Breaden.

Adele has also been taking donations and – along with Northparkes Mines – has ovarian leaflets and information on hand for anyone who needs or wants it.

Ovarian Cancer kills one woman every 10 hours in Australia alone. 

The key to giving women with ovarian cancer a better long-term outlook is early detection. However, no simple or effective early screening method currently exists. Which means most women diagnosed are already in the advanced stages of the disease.

“Not only [will] the money go to ovarian cancer research but also for people to be a bit more educated on the signs and symptoms,” Talan said.

As of March 13, Team Breaden has raised $7333.

Joel and Talan said there is still time to give with the team taking donations until the end of August.

You can also support their cause by visiting their everyday hero website page at

“We’re trying to organise a few more fundraisers...we’re thinking of new ideas,” Talan said.