Parkes and District Junior Cricket Association

Rolling with Bowling: Tim Allen bowls for the Railway Pit Bulls, Reedy Creek Gold Batsman Sam Nixon and the umpire Sam Carty.
Rolling with Bowling: Tim Allen bowls for the Railway Pit Bulls, Reedy Creek Gold Batsman Sam Nixon and the umpire Sam Carty.

Results of games played Saturday, March 3

Under 17s

Adept Plumbing 6/102 (Toby Hurford 26 n.o and 3/6, Jimmy Kuntze 11, I. Sly 1/4, best fielders  – C. Smith and Toby Hurford) defeated McGraths 7/100 (Nathan Pye 28 n.o, Corey Thompson 20 n.o, Tynan Matthews 1/4, Corey Thompson 1/3, best fielder – Corey Thompson).

Gunns Mensland 3/176 (Tom Hopkins 45 n.o, Darcy Leadbitter 31 n.o, Stuart Gordon 2/4, Luke McDean 2/6, best fielders - Stuart Gordon and Sam Nixon) defeated Condobolin 5/83 (Matt Reid 28, Jamal Dargin 17 n.o, Caitlin Keen 1/12, Noah Swadling 1/13, best fielders - Jake Bowditch and Jackson Keeley). Borders had the bye.

Under 14s

Chappells 8/119 (Jacob Chambers 36 and 1/0, Frankland Ross 31 n.o, Harry Bayliss 3/3, best fielder – Hunter Hawke) defeated Frank Spice 9/90 (Henry Hodges 25 n.o, Tallis Hurford 21, Angus Turner 3/11, Toby Matheson 1/8, best fielder – Toby Matheson).

Lillees 5/101 (Royce Simpson 18, Ryan Dunford 12, Joseph Tanswell 3/7, Wilson Duffy 1/10, best fielders – Cody Kirk and Liam Moody) defeated Hazell & Field 8/91 (Clinton Hooper 30, Lachlan Barnes 16 and 2/8, Jake Ticehurst 1/7, best fielders – Brad Mattiske and Jack Priest).

Under 12s

Gilchrists 3/69 (Caleb Crisp 8 n.o and 2/6, Thomas Burkitt 6 n.o, Lachlan Plummer 1/6, best fielders – Connor Batt and Jake Dunn) defeated Bernardis IGA 5/43 (Jonah Little ten and 1/6, Hugh Chudleigh seven and 1/5, best fielders – Ollie Walker and Jonah Little).

Livestock 4/48 (Joe Nicholson 12, Harry Whitty 8 and 1/2, Riley Goodsell 1/2, Tayte McNamara 1/0, best fielders – Riley Goodsell and Hugh Mackay) defeated Waughs 7/40 (Maddy Spence 11 and 1/4, Alex Chambers 9, Harry Jones 1/2, Nathan McCreadie 1/2, best fielders – Harry Jones and Maddy Spence).

Auswest 5/100 (Patrick Ryan 13 n.o and 1/1, Tom Cormie 12 n.o, Brodie Page 1/8, Toby Jarick 1/8, best fielders – Charlie Francis and Toby Jarick) defeated Pontings 4/45 (Harry Kennedy 6 n.o, Samuel Drew 6 n.o, Christiian Drew 2/7, Richard Gaut 1/4, best fielders – Harry Kennedy and Thomas McIntyre).

Under 10s

Benauds 124 (Matty Price 15, Harry Yelland 9, Byron Tanswell 8 and 1/14, Thomas Ball 3/7) defeated Lyons 119 (Thomas Simpson 25 and 1/10, Caleb Drew 4 and 3/10, Jacques Van Wyk 2/12, Riley Duncan 1/9).

Unfortunately no result has been received for the game between Davidsons and Trumpers. Final Point score after games played March 3. 3 points = win, 2 points = tie/draw/washout, 1 point = loss, 0 points = forfeit/bye.

Under 17s

  • First Gunns Mensland 31
  • Second Borders 25 with a quotient of 1.177
  • Third Adept Plumbing 25 with a quotient of1.175
  • Fourth McGraths 19
  • Fifth Condobolin 11

Under 14s

  • First Chappells 41
  • Second Lillees 28
  • Third Hazell and Field 24
  • Fourth Frank Spice 18

Under 12s

  • First Auswest 38
  • Second Waughs 31
  • Third Bernardis IGA 30
  • Fourth Gilchrists 28
  • Fifth Forbes Livestock 26
  • Sixth Pontings 15

Semi Final Draw for Saturday, March 10. Saturday – all games to begin at 8.45am, players need to be there by 8.30am.

Under 17s

  • Gunns Mensland versus McGraths at South Cirlce Oval, Forbes.
  • Borders versus Adept Plumbing at Northparkes Oval.

Under 14s

  • Chappells versus Frank Spice at Spicer Oval.
  • Lillees versus Hazell and Field at Woodward Oval.

Under 12s

  • Auswest versus Gilchrists at Hugh Wilson Oval, Forbes.
  • Waughs versus Bernardis IGA at Keast 2.

Under 10s 

  • Benauds versus Davidsons at Armstrong Park.
  • Lyons versus Trumpers at Holy Family School.

Representative Cricket

Lachlan Cricket Council Finals played at Cowra.

Results were

Under 14s

Dubbo Blue 1/103 off 28.5 overs (Tom Coady 76 n.o, B.Willock 11, C. Haddin 1/8 off two overs) defeated Cowra 102 in 38.1 overs (S. Austin 26, Mac Webster 23, C.Watts 4/12 off seven overs, P.Nelson 2/16 off eight overs, J.Fishey 2/15 off five overs) Dubbo Blue won by nine wickets.

Under 12s

Dubbo White 7/98 in 32 overs (Jack Fuller 26, J. Townsend 25 n.o, Affan Sagri 17, Dugald Shepherd 15, L.Smith 3/19 off 7 overs, R.Hughes 2/23 off seven overs) defeated Cowra 7/67 in 32 overs (H. Breen 16, B.Beale 13, Aimee Longhurst 1/5 off six overs, Affan Sagri 0/3 off four overs, J.Townsend ¼ off four overs) Dubbo White won by 31 runs.

-by Kerry Spence

Parkes and District Senior Cricket Association

Classic Cambridge versus Colts Clash in Lachlan Premier Cricket Semi-Final at Woodward Oval

Cambridge 6/137 in 40 overs (Anthony Heraghty 45, Dan Wilson 32, Shane Jones 20, Clinton Hawke 18, Zac Bayliss 11, Myles Smith 2/36 off ten, Jack Barker 2/20 off three, Phil Dunford 1/27 off ten and Brent Tucker 1/30 off ten) defeated Parkes Colts 9/117 in 40 overs (Paul Dunford 38, Phil Dunford 25, Peter Yelland 19, Hudson Hawke 2/10 off three, Shane Jones 2/32 off ten, Anthony Riach 3/26 off ten and Anthony Heraghty 2/22 off nine). Cambridge defeated Colts by 20 runs.

Batting first Cambridge totalled 6/137 off their allocated 40 overs. Anthony Heraghty and Dan Wilson were the key early order run scorers, while Clinton Hawke and Shane Jones boosted the Cambridge total. Myles Smith and Jack Barker each secured two wickets a piece for the Colts.

In reply, Colts were confronted by some fine bowling from the Cambridge's young guns in Jonah Ruzgas and Hudson Hawke. Peter Yelland demonstrated his much grit and determination to score 19 runs.

After Colts score stood at 5/51 it took a well compiled sixth wicket stand between the Dunford brother Paul and Phil to put the Colts in with a chance.

With the public address system booming from Parkes Showground to describe the Parkes Rodeo it looked as though 'Cowboy' and 'Big Horse' Dunford could revive the Colts team.

Tight bowling from Shane Jones, Anthony Riach and Anthony Heraghty that was backed up by good fielding eventually gave Cambridge a place in the final at Cowra on March 10.

The Colts should be pleased with their overall efforts in the 2017/2018 Lachlan Premier Cricket Competition. Cambridge will now face Cowra Bowling Club in the final and following their win over Colts they should have good reason to be confident of their chances in the final.

Coolabah Cup

Raptors Strike on Gallant Pitbulls at North Parkes

Raptors 7/150 in 30 overs (Kyle Branscombe 46no, Ben Coultas 46, Jacob Hutchings 17, Kurt Matthews 18, Jacob Parker 1/17 off six, Jake Brown 2/22 off six, Ray O'Brien 2/26 off six amd Tim Allen 2/28 off six) defeated Railway Pitbulls 89 in 19.5 overs (Tim Allen 31, Blake Manks 14, Neil Cole 2/23 off 2.5, Kurt Matthews 2/3 off three and Adam Parker 1/2 off two). Raptors won by 61 runs.

Raptors signified that they will be a definite premiership threat by recording a convincing 61 run victory over a gallant Railway Pitbulls. Raptors did not have everything go their way in this match because Pitbulls turned in a spirited bowling effort to see Raptors in trouble at 5/55 off their first 15 overs. Jacob Parker and Jake Brown bowled with plenty of spirit and ability for the Pitbulls.

A splendid sixth wicket partnership between Kyle Branscombe and Ben Coultas yielded 99 runs to put Raptors in a much better position. Ray O'Brien and Tim Allen both toiled hard to capture two wickets a piece for the Pitbulls.

In reply the Raptors bowlers operated in quick two over spells to take wickets at regular intervals. Adam Parker took a couple of smart catches while Kyle Branscombe executed a brilliant stumping to dismiss Tim Allen who was batting with plenty of determination to score 31.

Kurt Matthews chimed in to record the good bowling figures of 2/3 off three overs to take Raptors on to victory. Pythons home in a narrow win over Galahs at Spicer Oval

Pythons recorded a narrow 1 run victory over Galahs. Pythons batting first scored 65 runs, however, Galahs could only manage to tally 64 runs in reply. This game was played in good spirits at the well-presented Spicer Oval. 

Player scores had not been received for this match at the time of publication.

Radiola Cup

Runs Galore as Reedy Green defeat Honey Badgers at Keast 1

Reedy Green 4/312 in 30 overs (Lindsay Hughes 105, Stuart Milne 119, Ryan Dunn 27, Dave Cooper 13, Josh Drabsch 14no, Grant Dunn 17no, Andrew McCurdy 1/11 off 1) defeated Honey Badgers 233 in 22 overs (Dan Gordon 89, Dale Ingram 49, Peter Batt 30, Chris Orr 22, Stuart Milne 2/35 off five, Craig Dunn 2/20 off two, Mitch Stubberfield 2/52 off 4, Ryan Dunn took four catches and helped in a run out). Reedy Green won by 79 runs.

In a fast scoring, run filled game Reedy Green had a huge second wicket partnership of 181 runs between centurions Lindsay Hughes (105 off 86 balls) and Stuart Milne (119 off 55 balls) as they totalled the formidable tally of 4/312 off 30 overs. 

Honey Badgers with Dan Gordon (89 off 37 balls) then launched a hugely aggressive run chase. Dale Ingram (49 off 32 balls) and Peter Batt (30 off 16 balls) joined in on the run making. Reedy Green's Ryan Dunn greatly assisted his team by snaring catches and creating a run out. Reedy Green eventually won by 79 runs.

Star Crush the Rusty Buckets at Keast 2

Rusty Buckets 54 in 13.2 overs (Nathan Pye 12no, Nic Mackenzie ten, James Ellery ten, Matthew Clarke 6/16 off six, Dane Thorne 2/17 off four and Tobey Thorne 1/9 off 2.2) lost to Star Hotel 0/55 off 8.2 overs (Evan Doering 20no, D Smith 17no). Star Hotel won by ten wickets.

Matthew Clarke turned in a fine display of bowling to take the excellent figures of 6/16 off six overs to demolish the Rusty Buckets batting line-up before Star Opening batsmen took little time to record a very easy ten wicket victory over the Rusty Buckets.

Draw - Saturday, March 10

Lachlan Premier Cricket

Grand Final - Cowra Bowling Club versus Cambridge at Cowra

Coolabah Cup (Games to commence at 1pm)

Reedy Gold versus Railway Pitbulls at North Parkes

Raptors versus Pythons at Woodward

Radiola Cup (Games to commence at 1pm)

Bowling Club versus Honey Badgers at Spicer

Reedy Green versus Star Hotel at Harrison

​-by Luke Nash