Parkes and District Junior Cricket Association

Results of games played Saturday, February 24

Under 17s

Gunns Mensland 7/80 (Luke McDean 24, Harry Leadbitter 17, Darcy Leadbitter 2/7, Darcy Jones 1/4, best fielder  – Bill Ryan) defeated Borders 6/79 (Ryan Dunn 16, Lachlan Buesnell 11, Nathan Hessel 1/3, Nick Mackenzie 1/6, best fielders – Nathan Hessel and Lachlan Buesnell).

Adept Plumbing 5/115 ( C. Greenhalgh 17 n.o, J. Page 16 n.o, J. Kuntze 2/7, J. Matheson 1/4, best fielders – J. Kuntze and B. Nichols) defeated Condobolin 108 ( N. Swadling 36 n.o, J. Keely 24, M. Reid 2/11, T. Smith 1/4, best fielders – M. Nash and C. Keen).

McGraths had the bye.

Under 14s

Chappells 2/87 (Harry Bayliss 25 n.o, Hunter Hawke 19 n.o, Tyler Yeo 2/14, Jacob Chambers 1/3, best fielder – Frankland Ross) defeated Frank Spice 8/83 (Henry Hodges 23, Joe Morrison 20 n.o, Jack Whitty 0/8, Henry Hodges 0/6, best fielders – Joseph Pereira and Toby Matheson).

No result for the game between Frank Spice and Hazell and Field.

Under 12s

Auswest 5/70 (Joe Ellison 34 and 0/9, Griffin Jones 9 n.o, Bradman Hardy 1/17, best fielders – Brodie Page and Charlie Francis) defeated Waughs 1/65 (Nathan McCreadie 12 n.o, Harry Jones 12 retired and 1/5, Maddy Spence 2/0 and best fielder).

Gilchrists 7/105 (Jack Milne 47 and 0/3, Connor Batt 21 n.o, Danilo Bottaro-Porter 2/8, best fielders – Thomas Burkitt and Lachlan Plummer) defeated Pontings 2/63 (Geordie Duncan 14 n.o, Samuel Drew 10 n.o and 2/13, Holly Duncan 2/26, best fielders – Holly Duncan and Richard Gaut).

Forbes Livestock 0/63 (Joe Nicholson 9 and 1/3, Riley Goodsell 9, Hugh Mackey 3/8, best fielders – Reg Murray and Tom Glasson) defeated Bernardis IGA 8/57 (Jonah Little 23 and 0/6, Ollie Mayo 2, Hugh Chudleigh 0/8, best fielders – Mike Casey and Ollie Mayo).

Under 10s

Trumpers 149 (Aiden Rayner 25, Sam Rayner 21, Zayn Cheema 14, Bailey Price 12, Harry Smede 1/9, Thomas Ball 1/10, Harry Yelland 1/10) defeated Benauds 117 (Matty Price 27, Harry Yelland 13, Aiden Rayner 2/22, Sam Rayner 1/7, Bailey Price 1/14).

Davidsons 123 (Sonny McGregor 24, Sam Westcott 18, Lachlan Griffith 12, Harley Griffith 1/9) defeated Lyons 119 (Tyson Carruthers 24 and 1/17, Henry Kross 9, Caleb Drew 8 and 3/11).

Point score after games played February 24

3 points = win, 2 points = tie/draw/washout, 1 point = loss, 0 points = forfeit/bye.

Under 17s – Gunns Mensland 28, Borders 25, Adept Plumbing 20, McGraths 18, Condobolin 10.

Under 14s – Chappells 38, Lillees 25, Hazell and Field ??, Frank Spice ??.

Under 12s – Auswest 35, Waughs 30, Bernardis IGA 29, Gilchrists 25, Forbes Livestock 23, Pontings 14.

Unders 10s – No pointscore is kept.

Draw for Saturday March 3

Saturday – all games to begin at 8.45 am, players need to be there by 8.30am.

Under 17s 

  • Gunns Mensland versus Condobolin at South Cirlce Oval, Forbes.
  • McGraths versus Adept Plumbing at Northparkes Oval.
  • Borders have the bye.

Under 14s 

  • Chappells versus Frank Spice at Spicer Oval.
  • Hazell & Field versus Lillees at Grinstead Oval, Forbes.

Under 12s

  • Bernardis IGA versus Gilchrists at Botanical Gardens, Forbes.
  • Forbes Livestock versus Waughs at Stephan Field, Forbes.
  • Pontings versus Auswest at Keast 2.

Under 10s

  • Benauds versus Lyons at Armstrong Park.
  • Trumpers versus Davidsons at Holy Family School.

The weekend of March 9-10 will see the staging of Semi Finals of PDJCA in u17, u14 and u12 competitions.

Finals are set down for March 16-17 with the Annual Presentation Ceremony at Northparkes Oval from 11.45am to 12.15pm on Saturday, March 17.

Grand Final Day Raffle

An attractive collection of prizes is gathering for the grand final day raffle with a signed NSW Blues shirt, two brand new Masuri Cricket Helmets and a very smart cricket carry bag being among the prizes on offer.

Perpetual Trophy Returns

Perpetual Trophy holders form 2016/2017 season are asked to return these trophies to Association Honorary Secretary Greg Morrissey so appropriate engraving can be made for the 2017/2018 Presentation Ceremonies on March 16-17.

Trophies to be returned are 

The Kevin Klein Memorial Trophy (u16s)

The Peter Chambers Memorial Trophy (u14s)

The Joy Skinner Memorial Trophy (u12s)

The Nic Fisher Memorial Trophy (u12s).

Representative Cricket

Lachlan Cricket Council Semi Finals/Finals at u14 and u12 levels.

The Semi Finals of Lachlan Cricket Councils inter town competitions were determined on Saturday, March 25.

Unfortunately games set to be played at Cowra were washed out, however games played in Dubbo went ahead.

Results were

Under 14s at Cowra – Cowra (minor premiers) versus Dubbo White    washed out.

At Dubbo – Dubbo Blue 1/65 defeated Young 62.

The u14 Final will be Cowra versus Dubbo Blue at Oliver Oval, Cowra on Sunday March 4.

Under 12s at Cowra – Cowra (minor premiers) versus Condobolin  washed out.

At Dubbo – Dubbo White 5/163 (Jack Fuller 59, Lachlan George 36, Jonah Little 2/49) defeated Forbes 4/112 (Joe Ellison 69 n.o, Affan Sagri 2/19).

The u12 Final will be Cowra versus Dubbo White at McPherson Oval, Cowra on Sunday, March 4.