Statue of Elvis 2018 Parkes Elvis Festival a work of art in Cooke Park

Sculptor Terrance Plowright said it was a daunting task trying to sculpt a man who is still one of the most recognised figures in the world, 40 years after his death, but he was honoured to be given the chance.

His work captured Elvis in one of his signature poses, leaning forward with his right leg bent in front and left leg stretched out behind him, singing into a microphone.

It rests on a single plinth, to symbolise January, with eight sides, to recognise Elvis’ date of birth January 8. There are also plaques with eight Elvis quotes in the ground around the scuplture.

“The anatomy and the pose was quite difficult. I actually pulled the shoulders to pieces four times,” Mr Plowright said. 

“There is steel inside the clay and you have to cut through the steel, rearrange it, and put it back. I cut through the hips three times.

“I made six heads, the fifth head is the one you see. I had two heads cast in bronze and one of them is still back in the studio.”