Elvis Rugby Union Game

The fourth all-Elvis rugby union match was played at Pioneer Park in Parkes at the 2018 Parkes Elvis Festival.

Both sides kitted up in their hunky best with matching white jumpsuits, big-hair wigs and of course their red and blue scarfs.

Prior to the 25-man teams taking to the field on Friday night, the teams - the Blue Suede Shoes and the Reddy Teddies - took a moment to huddle for their team talk, while their opponents used the time to warm up with stretches.

The Blue Suede Shoes performed some Elvis moves as they belted out Hound Dog to throw off the Reddy Teddies just kick-off.

Blue Suede Shoes player Doug Moore was forced to sit out of the game due to a left ankle injury but he soon found his stunt double in Adam Sweeney from Lightning Ridge.

Moore donated his jumpsuit to the eager visitor, with the pair making a quick switch in clothing before the crowd.

“It’s absolutely awesome, I just rocked up and now I’m playing,” Sweeney said.

Angus Wyllie opened the scoring for the Blue Suede Shoes with a swift intercept, taking off down the sideline in blistering pace.

Captain Chris Summerhayes also scored for the Blue Suede Shoes, as did Reddy Teddies captain Matt Spedding and team mate Joel Thom-son.

The final score was 10-all and no jumpsuits were severely harmed in this year’s match.

“We do it for the people and I’m a man of the people,” Summerhayes said.

“I’m feeling mildly exhausted and entertained.”

Some of  Parkes Elvis Festival’s international visitors just had to head to Pioneer Oval for the game to see it for themselves.

It was the first time Gabrielle Cleary from Canada and Huan Rodrigues from Brazil had watched a rugby game.

And they were certainly educated in the sport on Friday.