Alex Byrne crowned 2018 Parkes Elvis Festival Miss Priscilla

Alex Byrne would have entered the Miss Priscilla competition last year only she was heavily pregnant in the lead up. 

Her daughter Eliza, born a few days before the Miss Priscilla Dinner, happens to share a birthday with the man himself – January 8. 

The wait paid off, and this year Alex was crowned the face of the Parkes Elvis Festival.

“I was a bit shocked when they announced my name,” she said.

“Not sure it’s really sunk in yet, it’s been a real whirlwind.”

Originally from Newcastle, Alex married local boy Damien Byrne. 

They have three daughters Sophia (6), Evie (4) and Eliza (1).

Alex was one of four contestants who entered this year’s competition which was judged by a panel of three at the Goodsell Machinery Miss Priscilla Dinner on Thursday night.

“Technically I think I was my own stylist,” she said. 

“I picked the outfit, Nicole Rosser did my hair and India Rauchle did my makeup.” 

Alex said her hair is naturally quite dark so going to black wasn’t a big shock

“Most people didn’t even really notice I’d gone so dark,” she said.

“You can only notice it when my hair is out.”

Alex’s dress was made by her friend Maree Lawryk.

“I told her I was planning on entering the competition and we were having a look around for a dress but we weren’t having any luck so she said ‘I’ll just make it’,” Alex said.

“She found a vintage pattern and the fabric and I found a vintage clutch. I just went off a photo.”

Alex said she entered the competition because it looked like so much fun. 

“I started getting ready at 1pm,” she said.

“I thought ‘oh this will be fine’ but I was literally running to get there on time!

“It took two hours to do my hair and two hours to do my makeup. 

“I was dropped off out the front and hightailing it inside just before 5.30pm.”

2017 Miss Priscilla Jackie Batt was on hand to sash Alex and hand over the title. 

Alex’s advice to anyone considering entering the competition is ‘why not?’

“Have a go, it’s a lot of fun,” she said.

“It gives you something to build up to, and to look forward to participate in..

“When you are involved in it, you can get really caught up in a nice way, a fun way.”