Remember this all-Elvis rugby match at Pioneer Oval in 2017?

An all-Elvis rugby union match was played at Pioneer Park in Parkes at the 2017 Parkes Elvis Festival. 

Both sides kitted up in their hunky best with matching white jumpsuits, big-hair wigs and (some) fake bellies. 

We even recorded it live on Facebook, you can re-watch it here.

Despite the lighthearted nature of the game, all of the players gave their best. Which is especially notable considering the heat and humidity at the oval. 

Each side fought hard and by the end there were some stray wigs and torn up sequinned bell bottoms strewn about. 

The final score was a 15-all 'draw' between both sides with a lot of the exhausted players being greeted by their Priscilla's waiting for them on the sidelines. 

As a celebration, one player was given a shower of beer – which you can see in slow motion below.