Trundle and Tullamore news

Locals James and Sarah return from a week trip to royal far west children’s health scheme at Manly. On Saturday they travelled with mum by bus to Lithgow and then by trains to circular key. When Sarah was told that they were getting on ferry to cross the harbour, she thought that fairies were going take her across the water. She did enjoyed her first trip on a ferry. The great thing about this organisation is that they have all the specialists in-house, this means that after there individual assessments they sit down together and discuss there findings. Which creates the opportunity for a diagnosis in a week.

Compared with at home two hour drive each way to Orange, for each appointment waiting for the results, then waiting months for the next specialist appointment. A diagnosis can take years with a possibility a letter being misinterpreted. They had the accommodation build next to the school and the medical specialist building all in one secure location.

The kids had a ball in the Royal Far West which included a visit from Santa. While mum attended occupational therapy appointments and group parent sessions explaining some of the causes and triggers for kids behavioural problems and equipping her with practical ways of coping with and assisting them get through the situation.

If your family is struggling and face the similar geographic challenges I strongly recommend you try RFW health scheme. I am so thankful that the cost is subsidised by the money raised by royal far west op-shops and fund-raising functions.

Well Done

Congratulations on there engagement of Tamara Molloy and Andrew Rawsthorne. January 1, 2018.

Congratulations to Phil Gray for being AG N VET Services “Employee of the year 2017”.

congratulations to Trundle AG N VET Services “store of the year 2017”.

Good news for everyone! work has started on the last section of middle trundle road soon the entire road will be sealed.

Welcome to Joe Bowen the new trainee argonomist at AG N VET Trundle.

Nick Williams is now working AG N VET after school, filling the role left by Brad Watt. Brad has moved on after finishing his HSC. We wish him well in his new ventures.

We said farewell to Dr Karam on Tuesday, January 9. Returning to Trundle doctors surgery will be Dr mark Gray, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. For appointments Phone 6892 1178. Good to see you back Dr Gray.


Robin Blunden celebrated Christmas by driving to Canberra to be with her granddaughter Amy and Nigel. She also spent two days of quality time at the nursing home with her sister Lee and husband Stewart. 

Barbara and John Kearney celebrated Christmas by travelling to Blayney to be with family.

John Robinson spent the Christmas holidays with his daughters in Western Sydney. Now he is back to work at the garage.

The Smith family spent the Christmas weekend in Sydney as it is the first Christmas without Nana. First stop in Sydney was the cemetery for all the kids to give Nana her favourite colour rose for Christmas. Then off to see Poppy and there extended family. Returning home safely Tuesday afternoon.

A visitor for Betty Capell, Doug and Daisy knight and it was their son Luke Knight from Sydney.

Lorna and Terry Charlton celebrated Christmas day by visiting her son Rodney and daughter in law Josie for breakfast in Trundle, and then to their daughter Carolynn and Steve Magill for lunch and then off to Dubbo for chrismas dinner with Kareena and Shane Vincent. 

Wayne and Donna Pelkey from Camden were visitors to Margie Pelkey of Tullamore. Margie became a great grandmother to Elka Jyne Palma.

Jennie Graham (nee Havel) from Maroubra was a recent visitor to Ronda Horsburgh from Tullamore.

David French from Wellington and Jock Auld from Acton were recent visitors to David Greene and Margie Pelkey from Tullamore, while there they enjoyed a great night out at the bowling club with their family and friends. David and Jock went onto trundle and then Peak hill on their way back to Dubbo.