St Patrick’s Primary School bike-a-thon raises more than $4300

Students in Trundle have managed to raise more than $4300 for their school St Patrick's Primary School and it’s all thanks to pedal power.

The school hosted a Credit Union Australia (CUA) School fundraiser on October 19 at the Trundle Showground.

But instead of a fun run like most schools have done through the CUA initiative – or a colour fun run as in Holy Family Primary School’s case –  St Patrick's Primary School held a bike-a-thon.

In the lead-up to the event, students pounded the pavement and raised funds online by seeking sponsorship from their local community.

One the day. the youngsters hopped aboard their bikes and conquered each 800m lap of the showground in style.

Bike-a-thon organiser Renee Holloway said they kept a tally card of the number of laps students completed on their bikes, with some doing as many as 13 laps.

“That’s eight kilometres,” Renee said.

“We handed out prizes to the students who did the most laps in infants and primary.”

In total participants raised $4,352.26.

Renee said the teachers were excited to get behind a fundraising activity that promoted such a healthy interaction with the community and taught kids about setting and achieving financial goals.

“It was such a lovely day with a huge community presence, who all supported the children in the bike-a-thon by cheering them along,” Renee said.

"Not only could everyone get out of the classroom and exercise, but the students were keen to set and meet their fundraising targets so they could earn prizes like scooters and sporting equipment which of course promote further healthy activity.

“Parents enthusiastically supported the initiative as it steered their kids away from traditional fundraising efforts which often involve selling junk food.”

CUA School program helps schools, like St Patrick’s Primary School, to hold special fundraising events to pump money back into the school.

The program also provides students and families with additional tools and practical advice from the online health hub to encourage ongoing healthy habits at home.

The CUA program has been running Australia-wide since 1987, with participating schools raising more than $90 million in extra funding over that period.

Many schools rely on this additional revenue to enhance facilities and upgrade school equipment and supplies.

CUA Chief of Corporate Affairs and Community, Jo Kearney, said this was now CUA's ninth year of supporting the School Fun Run or other activity.

She said she was proud that CUA had stepped up its commitment in 2017 as the major sponsor.

"CUA supports our members to reach their financial goals and look after their health needs,” Jo said.

“Similarly, the CUA School Fun Runs help kids learn about setting and achieving financial goals and establishing healthy habits that will stay with them throughout their lives.”

Other schools can find more information on hosting a CUA School Fun Run, or register their interest at