Parkes sporting news

Before the Downpour: Graham Cooke and Rick Glover watch as Gordon Christie putts. Photo: Jenny Kingham
Before the Downpour: Graham Cooke and Rick Glover watch as Gordon Christie putts. Photo: Jenny Kingham

Women’s Bowling Club

Several games of scroungers were on Monday with Chris Cox, Kim Evans, Joan Simpson – Kim the winner.

  • Eileen Bradley, Merilyn Rodgers, Gwenda Carty – Gwenda the winner.
  • Lorraine Baker, Frances Charlton, Robyn Morgan – Lorraine the winner.
  • Di Greenhalgh, Chris Curteis, Liz Byrne – Liz the winner.
  • Jean Kennedy, Wendy Hendry, Rhona Went – Rhona the winner.
  • Margaret Hawken, Minnie Riordan – Margaret the winner.
  • Overall winner Liz Byrne on 59 and second Margaret Hawkin on 55.

Next week is the Presentation Day and Christmas lunch. Members who are playing MUST ring in to Table Selectors to play. In our Christmas raffle next week the first prize is dinner for two at the Railway Hotel. Second prize Christmas Cake and third prize Christmas Pudding. To play social bowls call between 8.30am and 9am on 6862 1446.

Railway Men’s Bowls

The sponsored Cafe 'N' Tate Singles Roundabout Tournament that was postponed last Weekend will be held this Saturday commencing at 1pm the ninth. Terry has placed a fresh sheet on the board for you to place your name.

The 2017 Club Champions has been finalised the results of the winners are as follows:

  • Club Fours: Ian Simpson, Clive Stibbard, Ben McNaughton and Shane Sharman 
  • Club Triples: Brett Frame, Ray Griffith and Steve Frame.
  • Minor Pairs: Mick Parkes,Tony Later
  • Major Pairs: Mike Phillips ,Geoff Leonard
  • Minor Singles: Mike Parkes.
  • Major Singles: Shane Sharman .                                                                                                               

Congratulations to the winners, runners up and to all who participate.

Thanks to our Bowls Secretary Terry Hetherington for getting the bowlers on the green it's not easy getting everyone to play at the times set down. Presentations for these worthy winners will be held on the Annual Presentation Day set down for the December 16. Bowls and Nibblies followed by the Presentation. Names in by 12.30pm for 1pm.

Bowls on Friday 6pm start names in 5.30pm. Saturday, three bowl pairs prize money up for grabs more bowlers more prize money. Please feel  Sunday to come down for a roll up each Friday night after the raffles and bowls Live Music in BBQ area this Friday Chris Orr. Wednesday winners Alan Curtis and Ian Simpson. Runners up Greg Huggins, Chris Dunn and Kevin Wales.

Veteran’s Golf

St. Andrew’s Veteran Golf Day: Forty-Three Veteran Golfers gathered last Thursday at Parkes Golf course to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day. The day was facilitated by Scotsman, Alan Affleck with a rendering of Scottish and Irish tunes on the bagpipes, mixed in with the history of St. Andrew and copious trophies and prizes. St. Andrew would have smiled happily down on the day’s activities.

Ian Phipps, Barry Shine and Alf Davies topped A grade, Graham Cooke, Casa Belley and David Williams in B grade and Peter Bristol, Gary Collitts and Barry Toole in C grade. Birdie Awards went to Ian Phipps, Dale Stait, Peter Scofield, Richard Hamilton Frank Donahue. The longest drives were Sunna Bell, Frank Donahue and Ted Morgan. The “if only” award went to Mike Dunne.

In the Mick Miller Competition, the winners were Peter Bristol and Gary Collitts. Nearest the pins were John O’Shannessy, Rod Luyt, Phil Smith and Gary Pymont. The Shield points went to Parkes, 158 to 153. This week we play 18 Holes at Forbes, 10am start, follow by our end of the year Christmas party.

Bogan Gate Golf

Well the golfing season has come to an end for 2017. Some of our members are farmers and they will be harvesting and planting for 2018 in the break. The nine hole event has started on every Sunday commencing at 4.30pm and ending with a sausage sizzle. 

The last event on the calendar was “Parkes Overnighter Caravan Park Trophy Day”, on the November 5 the club held a 18 hole 4BBB Stableford and a draw for partners.

The winning pair were Maureen Boness and Bill Scott with 51 points, the runners-up were Shirley Nutley and Colin McKay with 50 points. 

Ladies individual was Marion McIntyre with 41 points and the Mens winner was Colin Mckay on a massive 45 points. Men’s Longest drive was Colin McKay. 

Ladies winner was Marion McIntyre, Nearest the pin for the  ladies sixth and 15th Dorelle Scott and for the men was George Falvey. The Bogan Gate Golf Club would like to thank Champion Post and the Forbes Advocate for their coverage of our news and results it is greatly appreciated. Christmas greetings to you all.

SSAA Smallbore

Last weekend we saw nine shooters attended the Deep Lead Shooting Complex. They shot at ordinary targets at both 25 and 50 meters for a maximum of 500 points.

Target rifles

  • Brian Drabsch 250, 245, 495
  • Ray O’Connor 250, 243, 493
  • John Davis 250, 242, 492
  • Keith Alexander 250 for only 25m.

Field Fields

  • Ron Cunningham 249, 241, 490
  • John Smeaton 247, 225, 472
  • Dustan Bourke 223, 212, 435
  • Ron Skeggs 232, 188, 420

One shot for practice only. All shooters got caught out by the strong switching south/west wind at the 50 meter range as the scores show. Our next shoot is Sunday, December 10 at 1pm. It will be fox targets at both ranges. If you only want to shoot in a .22 rimfire, you can do so without entering the competitive side of it as many are doing, to get their required shoot in.


November 23 we had six tables and the north south winners were Keith Fiedler and Marlene Freeman 58.75. Second were Val Boyd and Kevin Robinson 53.92 followed by Gai Baker and Anne Berkeley 52.75. For east west the placings were Rosemary Morris and Beryl Twardy 58.58, Margaret Hawken and Jenny Freeman 54.5 and Greig Ball and Warren Blatch 50.42. 

November 27 the north south winners were once again Rosemary Morris and Beryl Twardy 62.5. Bev Laing and Kevin Robinson were second with 51.56 and Tim and Gai Baker scored 51.04. For east west Gary Somers and Greig Ball topped with 62.5 followed by Jennifer Calvert and Dawn Phipps 55.62 and Wendy Andrews and Robyn Sheridan 53.75. 

November 28 winners were Isabel Orange and Suzie McNamara 64.93. Bev Laing and Marlene Freeman were next best with 58.45 followed by Robyn Sheridan and Jan Freeman 55.44 and Liz Matthews and Jenny Freeman 54.04.

November 30 the north south winners were Helen McQuie and Marlene Freeman 61.42. Second and third were Margaret Hawken and Dawn Phipps 57.25 and Louise Payne and Peter Quin 56 per cent. For east west Gai Baker and Anne Berkeley scored 57.17, Keith Fiedler and Greig Ball 53.08 and Jenny Freeman and Jan Latter 53 per cent.  On Monday, December 4 Gary Somers and Greig Ball were first with 63 per cent.

Bev Laing and Anne Berkeley 62 and Nancye and Warren Blatch  56. Jenny Freeman and Joan Reilly won Tuesday's game with 62 per cent followed by Warren Blatch and Kevin Robinson 57.5 and Keith Fiedler and Isabel Orange 52.