Vandals strike one day after clean up

Just one day after graffiti was removed from the barbecue area at PAC Park the area had been vandalised.

The barbecue setting had been extensively vandalised again with inane scribble when it was inspected on Monday, November 6 the day after Parkes Rotary Club had taken part in the National Graffiti clean-up.

Although Parkes is relatively free of Graffiti around most of the town there are a few exceptions, one of these being PAC Park.

This park is being developed by Parkes Shire Council.

There are plans to further improve the riverine environment along the length of the park from just behind the BP All-nighter right through to East Street.

This is another amenity that is for the enjoyment of everyone, but its appearance is spoilt by people who seem to think that their scribble is artistic. 

The Rotary Club members borrowed equipment from the Council and spent the morning removing graffiti from the BBQ shelter, one of the new seats and many places along the various paths.

Rotary members also removed the graffiti on the bridge.

Rotary Club President Peter Thompson said: “This is just one of the Community Service Projects that our club will participate in over the coming months”.

“However this type of activity shouldn’t be necessary.

“I would appeal to those who want to perpetrate this type of vandalism to think about others, and just how beautiful that this park could be.”

The volunteers also noticed that there was a lot of rubbish on the grounds and in the water, including a couple of shopping trolleys. There was also broken glass in several locations.

Rotary Past President David Hughes said: “We know that this is a very large park and that just keeping it clean could be a burden on Ratepayers to patrol it on a regular basis.

“We appeal to users of this park to stop littering and enjoy the park for what is it and has the potential to be.”

Anyone witnessing graffiti should contact Parkes Police.