Lachlan Dragan Boat News

Making a Splash: Our team in blue for the Western Region Regatta.
Making a Splash: Our team in blue for the Western Region Regatta.

The very first Dragon Boat Regatta to be organised by the local Western Region teams proved to be a great success last weekend.

The weather forecast looked grim with rain expected, but happily the sun shone through the clouds for most of the day – so the paddlers stayed fairly dry apart from the splash of paddles.

The Lachlan Dragons had a wonderful day with a first in one women’s heat and getting into the finals with the mixed team. There were some very memorable racing moments and much fun and camaraderie throughout the day.

Coaches, Carmen Stephens and Warren Edwards were very happy with the results.

“I’m super proud of all of you,” stated head coach, Carmen, “you’ve raced brilliantly and really concentrated on the techniques we’ve been practising.”

The team welcomed their latest Regatta rookie, Margaret Lambert, to her first taste of racing.

“I’ve had a great day!” declared Marg, “I’ve enjoyed it immensely and I’m looking forward to the next regatta.”

The Lachlan Dragons were very proud of her as well as of Deb Abela, the Regatta co-ordinator, and their four volunteers who helped the day to run smoothly: Bev Pengilly, Rosemary Facey, Doug Churchill and Vicki Mathew.

The club also extended a massive thank you to Bill and Beth Thomas, representatives on the Western Region committee who organised the event.

The Lachlan Dragons will continue their training regime under their popular and talented coaches in readiness for the Wagga Wagga Regatta late this month.

The club is very welcoming of new members who are looking for fun, fitness and friendship. Find us on Facebook or call Bill Thomas, club president, on 0418 616 500 for information.