Parkes sporting news


Last Thursday, November 2 we held our annual Gill Ross Trophy all day event. Gill was a former member who came from South Africa with her husband and family when he was appointed as the chief mining engineer at North Parkes Mine.

Gill was surprised that we didn't have an in house club trophy so she donated one. This year's event was keenly contested with Robyn Sheridan and Wendy Andrews topping the scores for the morning session with 59.09 per cent.

Second were Vicki Burke and Dawn Phipps 55.45 and equal third on 55 per cent were Beryl Twardy, Rosemary Morris, Louise Payne and Peter Quin.

In the afternoon Beth Thomas and Suzie McNamara were first with 63.18. Second were Louise Payne and Peter Quin 61.82 and third were Jan Freeman and Fay Shaw 56.82. However when the total scores for the day were revealed the winners (no surprise there !) were Louise and Peter. Congratulations. Second were Beth Thomas and Suzie McNamara and third Rosemary Morris and Beryl Twardy. 

Other recent results were as follows :- Monday 30th October Tim Baker and Keith Fiedler 73.96 per cent (Wow!) Steve and Rosemary Morris 58.33, Anne Berkeley and Greig Ball 57.29, Robyn Sheridan and Jenny Freeman 55.21. 

On Tuesday, October 31 Margaret Hawken and Jenny Freeman topped with 58.33 followed by Kevin Robinson and Bev Laing 54.17 and Marlene Freeman and Fay Shaw 52.98.

On Monday, November 6 the winners were Bill Burke and Barbara Hughes 57.74. Second were Jennifer Calvert and Dawn Phipps equal with Tim Baker and Greig Ball 54.76 and fourth were Beryl Twardy and Rosemary Morris 53.57.

Brilliant Bridge: Peter Quin, Louise Payne, Beth Thomas and Suzie McNamara.

Brilliant Bridge: Peter Quin, Louise Payne, Beth Thomas and Suzie McNamara.

Railway Men’s Bowling

A match of club Fours and Minor Singles were played on Saturday along with Thursday evening bowls and Social Bowls on Saturday. In the ClubFours Allan Affleck, George Greenhalgh, Bernie Coleman and Kev Hyndes played Ian Simpson, Clive Stibbard, Ben McNaughton and Shane Sharman with Shane's boys winning a tight match 20-14 they lead 12-11 on 16 ends but Kevs team levelled the score 12-12 to be right back in the game.

Shane's team picked up and four and three to secure the match all bowlers played solid matches but from all reports Ian Simpson was the man of the match. In the minor pairs Tony Latter and Mike Parkes played Dave Law and Graham Cole with the match going down to the last end Mike and Tony went to an early lead 13-1 after five ends but full credit to Dave and Coley fighting back to be within three shots on the 20th end needing three shots to level Dave and Coley could only manage one shot falling short by two all bowlers played good bowls during the match .

Saturday Afternoon three bowl pairs again proved very successful with good numbers taking part. Winners were Mike Parkes and Lorraine Baker, Second went to Brett Frame and Steve Nicholson, third Col Boehm and Chris Dunn.

Thursday night Twilight bowls was taken out by Paul Keogh and Geoff White. Runners Dawn Parker and Mike Phillips.  Wednesday winners Alan Curtis,Chris Dunn and Marty Fitzpatrick Runners up Alan Affleck, Dave Johnson and spat Cooney Stefans Haircut Gene Rapp. This Saturday afternoon social bowls starts at 1pm. Wednesday afternoon bowls at 1pm names in by 12.30pm and Thursday at 6pm names in by 5.30pm.

Parkes Women’s bowling

Melbourne Cup Day saw our members dressed for the races but enjoying playing bowls. In two pairs games, Valmai Westcott, Betsy Johnstone def Merilyn Rodgers, Robyn Morgan. Francis Charlton, Audrey Jones def Lorraine Baker, Marja Iffland. In a triples game Chris Curteis, Flo Riseborough, Kim Evans def Maureen Miller, Minnie Riordan, Brenda Davies. Winners on the day were Valmai and Betsy.

The Christmas Trading Table will be held November 14 with Pick-a-Box prizes. Bring a friend along to play bowls, bring lunch and ring table selectors for friends to play. Christmas shirts and bling to be worn. To attend Presentation Day and Lunch please put name on the board. The date is December 12 and lunch is $20.

The Minor Pairs commence on November 21 with Eileen Bradley, Isabel Svendsen versus Lorraine Baker, Kim Evans. Marja Iffland, Maureen Miller versus Frances Charlton, Chris Curteis. To play social bowls please ring Table Selectors Kim Evans and Rosemary Mitchell between 8.30am and 9am. Social roster Flo Riseborough.

From the Dragon’s Lair

Some members finally left their handicap logs in the shed! Sunday, November 5 the Parkes Services Social Golfers played the Round 1 of the Stroke Championships with some interesting results. Winner on the day for the Ladies was Margaret Hogan with no Log in her bag produced a 66 net.

Winner on the day for the Men was Reg Davison also with no log in the bag produced a 66 net. Runner ups on the day were Brian Hogan with 67 net (same shed) closely followed by Phil Smith and Dale Stait  on 69 net.

Nearest the Pins for the Ladies fourth Margaret Hogan and 11th Lyn Davison. Nearest the Pins for the Men first Paul Murray, fourth Ray Cabban, sixth Robert Hey, 11th Birdie William Warren and15th Robert Rea.

Lucky Card Draw. Richard Wells. Bunny Award Michael Dunne. Raffle Winner was Dale Stait with Golf Balls going to Paul Murray, Ray Cabban, Chris Goodie and Robert Hey. Next week the second round of the Championships will be played with the Parkes Golf Club once again sponsoring the event with Richard Wells Supplying the Raffle. Good luck in the second round with the Leaders listed Below.

Ladies Scratch: Margaret Hogan. 88. 

Ladies H/Cap: Margaret Hogan 66 nett, Lyn Davison 96, Sue Smith 73 nett.

Men’s A grade Scratch:  Robert Hey   75.

Men’s A grade H/Cap:  Phil Smith 69 nett, Ian Phipps 79, Dale Stait  69 nett.

Men’s B grade Scratch: Reg Davison  89

Men’s B grade H/Cap: Reg Davison 66 nett, Brian Hogan  92,  Brian Hogan 67 nett, Ray Cabban 94, Ray Cabban 72 net.

Go the Dragon’s

Parkes SSAA Smallbore

Last weekend we saw seven shooters at the complex. They shot at ordinary targets at both 25 and 50 meters for a maximum of 500 points.

  • Ron Cunningham 245, 244, 493
  • Craig Buckle 250, 240, 490
  • John Davis 249, 240, 489
  • David Wilson 250, 237, 487
  • Bernie Shaw 246, 232, 478
  • John Smeaton 244, 219, 463

One shot only for practice. At the end of this month all returns will be sent to the state branch. Any person who does not have their required shoot, will be sent out a courtesy letter letting them know how many they have until then. You will then have until March 31, 2018 to catch up. Our next shoot is on Sunday, November 12 at 1pm. It will be an animal target.

Regarding the story in the Champion Post on October 31 - Out of the four shooting clubs in Parkes, only two guns are held by a club official. They are registered to a club with an official being the custodian, not the owner. Where a person owns a number of firearms, most are held on a collectors licence and cannot be used. They are of historic, sentimental or money value. Most have to be temporarily inoperative or permanently inoperative.